African cooking recipes for families

Try some of these easy African cooking recipes for your next family dinner

There are over 50 countries in Africa, and each has its own tasty cuisine. Often hearty in nature, many African cooking recipes rely heavily on plants, seeds, meat and rice, making them suitable for families. From Fufu to meat pies, we’ve rounded up a handful of dishes perfect for introducing your kids to African culture.

Canadian Culinary Adventures

African Chicken Stew

Known as West African Chicken Stew or Nigerian Red Chicken Stew, this meal of Canadian cuisine is hot and plentiful. You can make it as spicy as you like and serve it with rice or pounded yam.

Try this Kefta Briouate for a kid-friendly African cooking recipe.

My Moroccan cuisine

Kefta Briouate

Spicy minced meat is at the center of this Kefta Briouate from My Moroccan cuisine. This handmade phyllo pie is traditionally fried (this recipe saves a few calories while baking) then topped with icing sugar and ground cinnamon.

A chicken dish that is an excellent recipe for African cuisine.

Recipes from a pantry

Baked Chicken Jollof Rice

It’s time to put a new spin on your usual chicken and rice recipe! This traditional recipe uses Jollof rice, which is a mixture of mashed tomatoes and rice and adds savory chicken and vegetables. Recipes from a pantry gives you the easy details for this baked recipe that makes dinnertime a breeze.

A popular African cuisine recipe for meat pies.

Sims House Kitchen

Nigerian meat pie

If this dish reminds you of a British Cornish Pasty, you’re right! Sims House Kitchen breaks down the super kid-friendly meal of staples like flour, butter, potatoes, and ground beef.

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Cookie Kate

West African Peanut Soup

While admittedly not an authentic soup, this West African-inspired dish Cookie + Kate is equally tasty and perfect for vegetarians who might not appreciate the traditional meat version. Peanut butter, onions and collard greens start this flavorful soup, which comes together in under 45 minutes and can be enjoyed right away.

Karen’s cooking stories

Moroccan Shrimp Tagine

A new twist on prawns and loaded with flavor, this Moroccan dish is one everyone will enjoy. Karen’s cooking stories‘ uses jumbo shrimp, tomatoes, garlic and fennel and suggests a good crusty bread so you don’t waste those delicious juices.

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SubSahara Post

Nigerian street beef skewers

Nigerian Suya is a common street food, and now you can make it at home! Choose from beef, mutton, lamb or chicken, then roll in a special suya spice made from peanuts, ground ginger and chili. SubSahara Post has an easy and delicious recipe.