Akorn Technology Announces New Investor, Future Food Fund, Expanding Investment in Food Preservation Innovation in Japan

Side by Side Comparison Between Akorn Coated Avocado and Uncoated Avocado

Akorn Logo 2-1

Akorn Logo 2-1

Mango with Akorn coating vs uncoated mango

Mango with Akorn coating vs uncoated mango

Akorn’s all-natural, plant-based edible coatings minimize post-harvest loss of fresh produce and extend shelf life

Japanese consumers are known to expect premium quality and exceptional taste and appearance without harmful chemical residues. We are convinced that Akorn coatings can meet or exceed expectations.

—Anthony Zografos, CEO of Akorn Technology

BERKELEY, CA, USA, Sept. 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Akorn Technology is pleased to announce another new investor, Future Food Fund 1, the corporate venture capital investment arm of Oisix ra daichi Inc. This new partnership is established to advance the development of Akorn’s breakthrough natural plant-based food coatings platform, which has been successfully deployed in Europe, Latin America and North America and is approved for use on produce such as avocados and mangoes, apples and pears, peaches and plums, and citrus fruits. This new partnership will aim to improve the supply of high-quality fresh produce to the Japanese market, with a particular focus on imported crops that are in high demand – such as avocados and mangoes – but which pose supply chain challenges. supply due to long transit times from distant suppliers. .

Akorn Coatings are poised to revolutionize clean label shelf life extension, as they more than double the shelf life of a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables using only plant-derived ingredients with no chemicals. added chemicals. The potential of this innovation for growers, packers, retailers and consumers is immense, given that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that over 40% of fresh produce is wasted. and that the global costs of food waste and post-production crop losses amount to approximately US$2.6 trillion per year. Akorn’s approach to product quality management both reduces waste and enables the supply chain to extend fresh produce to the many “food deserts” of the world.

Akorn Coating Base is formulated from a non-GMO corn milling by-product and includes three natural active ingredients that control ripening speed, reduce moisture loss and preserve color. Coatings ensure optimal quality and freshness from harvest to table. Additional features such as natural antimicrobials and fungicides can be incorporated as needed. The coating is applied using conventional equipment and is easily implemented in existing packaging operations.

Akorn CEO Anthony Zografos understands the importance of excellence in the Japanese fresh produce market, noting that “Japanese consumers are known to expect premium quality and exceptional taste and appearance, free of harmful chemical residues. . We are confident that Akorn coatings meet or exceed expectations. The partnership with Future Food Fund is an exciting opportunity to develop alliances with key stakeholders so that we can demonstrate the many benefits of Akorn coatings for crops of interest to the Japanese market.

In a statement from the Future Food Fund, investors look forward to working with Akorn to realize the benefits of adding new food preservation technology to its portfolio. This offers the possibility of making new or popular but currently limited food crops more available, which can revitalize local markets and associated market sectors.

Among the objectives of Future Food Fund 1’s strategic investments is to build and support Japan’s ecosystem of food-centric technology innovations by providing product development and sales support. To date, this fund has invested in 16 national and international startups.

About Akorn Technology
Founded in 2019, Akorn has successfully developed, tested and deployed natural plant-derived edible coatings that, when applied to fresh produce, can more than double their shelf life. The coating platform is based on a non-GMO corn milling by-product that has been formulated to effectively control moisture loss, control ripening rate and preserve color. The Clean Label coating is applied using conventional equipment. The ultra-thin clear coat is flavorless and can be customized on-demand and on-site with additives such as natural antimicrobials and fungicides.

Akorn’s mission is to optimize and extend the fresh harvest quality of a wide variety of products, enabling growers and retailers to minimize food waste and expand markets. Consumers benefit from longer access to better quality. We believe that extending the natural appeal of fruits and vegetables can lead to healthier food choices, better nutrition and less food scarcity. To further this mission, Akorn has received two prestigious US National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research (NSF SBIR) grants https://seedfund.nsf.gov/. For more information, visit https://akorn.tech.

About Future Food Fund Inc.
Future Food Fund Inc., established in 2019, is the first venture capital fund dedicated to food technologies in Japan. A subsidiary of Oisix ra daichi Inc., the fund is supported by Oisix ra daichi Inc. and its partners. Through strategic investments in food, agriculture and health, it supports its portfolio companies in sales and product development to mature the Japanese startup ecosystem. (Future Food Fund」サイトURL:https://futurefoodfund.co.jp/

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