As our portions of food and drink get bigger and bigger, we tend to do the same.

On a recent road trip, Bunny and I stopped at a highway dhaba for lunch. Bunny asked for a masala dosa. After a while, a waiter came to cover the table with a tablecloth.

Bunny was about to ask when the dosa she ordered would be ready when we realized that what we had mistaken for a tablecloth was not, in fact, a tablecloth item but the requested dosa, the size of which approached the dimensions of a tablecloth.

It struck Bunny and me, not for the first time, that the portions of food in restaurants and eateries are getting bigger and bigger, perhaps because of these establishments competing in fierce competition to woo the customers after the pandemic lockdown.

A popular pizza chain in Gurgaon is offering an unlimited all-you-can-eat buffet of pizzas, pastas, salads and more, for a one-time price of Rs 299 for minors and Rs 399 for adults. A boundless feast beyond the dreams of the greediest foodie who has ever lived for less than the price of a movie ticket?

Even though the media regularly report in the media that millions of people in the country suffer from hunger and chronic malnutrition, their more economically advantaged counterparts are driven to gorge themselves like Strasbourg geese force-fed on quantities of food. XL or Extra Large.

Never has consumption been so conspicuous. And the evidence of all this XL consumption is that more and more of us are becoming XL ourselves.

Obesity, once seen as a scourge of the overfat West, is increasingly becoming a weight problem in India where more and more people, younger and younger, are taking on the roundness of the ‘O ‘ in ‘Overweight’ .

Packaged foods and beverages, from chocolates to cookies, chips to colas, are coming in larger and larger sizes and volumes, encouraging customers to eat and drink more and more.

Combo Offers – ‘Buy 1 Burger + 1 Fries and get 1 Triple Fudge Sundae for ½ price!’ and bogofs – ‘Buy 2 pizzas get the 3rd free! – are seductive invitations to gluttony.

All of this helps turn Gen X into Gen XL.



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.