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Revelation (The Saga of Venom and Flame)“Revelation (The Saga of Venom and Flame)”

by Victor Acquista

An ancient conspiracy is about to be uncovered… .

Since the dawn of civilization, an underground Brotherhood secretly organizes a hidden agenda. As the Illuminati orchestrate catastrophic events around the world to establish a New World Order, only Serena Mendez and an ancient society tied to Atlantis can save humanity from centuries of manipulation. Serena is an unarmed warrior. As she and her allies work to defeat the Illuminati, she must decipher seven mysterious messages that hold the key to survival in this thrilling race to uncover a secret that will change humanity. Rich in history and mythology, this book is a thrilling battle between the masters of mind control and the warriors who oppose it.

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Make America Great Again“Make America Great Again”

by Bo Bancroft

Kirkus calls it “a nimble political satire that should appeal to Americans of all persuasions…reminiscent of Christopher Buckley’s books”. Suspected terrorists attack with a wave of bombs before dawn, confusing law enforcement as the only targets are the towering billboards lining the highways. The long list of culprits includes eco-terrorists, a notorious drug cartel and disgruntled outdoor advertising employees. With Georgians on edge, politicians quickly focus on how to handle the situation. Caught in the crosshairs are the three adult Worthington siblings. Not only was their outdoor advertising business attacked, but the youngest brother, a retired Army demolitions expert, suspiciously disappeared. So the family hires their army buddy to find him. The web she eventually discovers is far more nefarious than the terrorists.

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fields of fire“Fields of Fire”

by Ryan Steck

“First thriller of the year.” –Kyle Mills

Unable to remember anything that led to his team’s ambush, Marine Raider Matthew Redd can’t deny the possibility that he was responsible for the leak that led to the massacre. Freed from the body, Redd returns home to Montana, where he finds that his adoptive father is dead and the explanation for his death is less than satisfactory. Determined to uncover the truth, Redd uncovers a dark global conspiracy with no team behind him – except one he could find among old friends, old enemies, and new allies, if only he could know who to trust.

“Matty Redd has established himself as the go-to man in a bad situation.” –Brad Taylor.

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ask the girl“Ask the Girl”

by DJ Key

Murdered in 1925, Katy Watkins, an 18-year-old debutante, finds herself near a dilapidated cabin. She doesn’t know where she is, so she returns home to find two strangely dressed girls at her bedroom window. When her memory returns, a demon hunts her – that demon is her killer.

She walks through the woods trying to get home, stuck in a loop until she encounters Lila and Rose. It was hard for Lila to cope after her father’s suicide, which forced Lila, her mother, and her sister Rose to live with their aunt and uncle. They discover a ghost linked to an ancient murder mystery. Rose is possessed by Katy. In order to save Rose’s life, Lila and Rose help Katy uncover the truth behind her murder.

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