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tuscan son“Tuscan Son”

by Robert Berne

Called “an adventurous tour de force within the modern university that’s both great reading and oddly familiar,” a college vice president finds himself thrust into a hellish Panamanian prison, at the mercy of forces unknown.

When a university receives a bequest from a village in Tuscany to use as a study abroad site, Bill, the vice president, must negotiate the terms with the donor’s angry son, who thinks the village belongs. Bill discovers something very wrong.

As he suspects organized crime is involved, he is lured to Panama, supposedly to sign the transfer papers. Instead, he is thrown in prison and deprived of all contact with the outside world. He then realizes that his cellmate’s drug-trafficking family is his only hope for freedom, but at what cost?

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pressure point“Pressure Point”

by Betty Briggs

A letter from Stephanie’s nemesis, Jessica, regarding the young child, Zoey, who is a half-brother to Stephanie’s son, Ryan, throws her world into a tailspin. Engaged to the man of her dreams, Stephanie must put aside her marriage plans and her work as a lawyer, and travel to Mexico with her fiancé, Colton, in an attempt to find Zoey.

If that’s not enough, Stephanie’s ward, Jill, is also threatened by her own mother and the madman she lives with, who want the 16-year-old girl back and lead her back into a life of abuse. Will Stephanie be able to safely reunite her family and celebrate a happy marriage with Colton on Christmas Day in Montana? And what about Stephanie’s horse, Kingston, and special pony, who help Stephanie cope?

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An endless blue sky“An Endless Blue Sky”

by Kyomi O’Connor

From an early age in Japan, Kyomi’s life was filled with emotional difficulties. To escape the darkness, Kyomi moves to the United States to start a new life. Soon, she falls in love with her future husband, Patrick, whose love and support helps her begin to heal. Eventually, they dedicate themselves to a life-changing practice of Buddhism—helping them in their spiritual growth and in fulfilling their desire to help others.

Then Patrick is diagnosed with cancer and loses the battle. Devastated, Kyomi spends a lost year in grief. But then she begins to write, uncovering truths about herself, her life story, and her relationship with Patrick. After years of struggle, Kyomi finds the light that existed within her from the beginning.

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The Golden Gladiator“The Golden Gladiator”

by Michael Lynch

It’s the true story of America’s oldest football player’s return to the grill and glory between the ages of 64 and 68. Michael was a football hero in high school, college and in the semi-pro leagues on Long Island in the 1960s and 1970s. After watching his nephew play in an all-star game in 2012, he decides to go back and to play football again in one of America’s toughest semi-pro leagues, with and against players 30 to 40 years younger.

“The Golden Gladiator” is a story of courage, redemption, tragedy and love as Lynch plays for four years in over 50 games. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest American football player. The book received two five-star reviews from Literary Titan and The Book Connection.

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