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Over the past decade, culinary television has transformed the entertainment industry as well as endless possibilities for chefs and bakers. Crime Scene Kitchen is one of the new shows to join the scene, but there have been classics over the years. Excellent chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and Barefoot Countess are just a few to name. However, when it comes to food and television, few shows are as popular and renowned as Chopped.

Take a closer look at Food Network’s popular competitive cooking show and some of the show’s most unforgettable moments.

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Loisa Comida Real brings authentic Latin spices to the kitchen Thu, 03 Jun 2021 20:23:37 +0000

Latin cuisine has the significant influence of spices throughout the culinary world.

In addition to their empanadas, arroz con guandules, arepas, tacos, and more, Latinos also use a variety of unique spices to make their cuisine stand out.

One spice and seasoning company that has skyrocketed in popularity promoting its Latino roots is New York-based Loisa Comida Real.

They decided to name their new business opportunity, Loisa, in honor of “Loisaida”, the Spanish name for the Lower East Side neighborhood in New York.

Their goal is to provide access to ingredients that are not artificial, MSG and unnecessary preservatives. Instead of using toxic ingredients, they wanted to highlight the spices that make Latin cuisine unique.

Scott Hatiss, Kenny Luna, and Chef Yadira Garcia have all come together to create authentic tasting, fully organic spices.

The company was founded in 2017 and has grown rapidly in popularity over the years, particularly last year, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While millions of people across the country have had to stay at home due to COVID restrictions, many have found themselves cooking more than ever before.

“Which helped us grow a little bit during the pandemic … people would cook at home and choose natural ingredients,” said Hattis, co-founder of Loisa, in a recent interview with News AL D NewsA.

Hattis had the idea to showcase Sazon, Adobo and Sofrito, the main bases of Caribbean cuisine from his wife, Anna, whose family is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

“She grew up seeing her parents and grandfather use these ingredients in their cooking,” Hattis said.

In addition to the typical brands that Hattis’ wife used to cook, the couple also became health conscious as parents to their son.

“We decided that we were going to start blending our own blends, which led to the products we have now,” he said.

Chef Yadira Garcia, co-owner of Loisa, has had a major influence on what the company offers.

“We engaged her as a partner in the business and she helped us develop a recipe for sofrito, which was a multigenerational recipe from her family,” Hattis said.

Garcia, originally from the Bronx, is also a food activist, who works with several community organizations and public schools to emphasize the importance of healthy eating and access to healthy food in public schools.

“She teaches and works with children’s and youth groups and the education council,” Hattis said.

Garcia has also spoken out on adding other items to the business, such as various salsas and other types of sofrito.

The small business has no plans to slow down anytime soon, but Hattis also wants to focus on quality and sustainability when it comes to keeping his business going.

“Right now we are focusing on the internet and we want to give others access as much as possible,” he said.

To support a small Latino-owned business, visit their website.

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This new Muji in Yokohama has a huge grocery store with cooking demonstrations Thu, 03 Jun 2021 03:07:59 +0000

Muji has been on the rise lately, opening megastores around Tokyo filled with housewares, clothing, stationery and food. Following the massif Muji Ariake, which opened in the capital last year, this new Muji outpost in Yokohama is home to the brand’s first floor of the brand’s large-scale grocery store in the Kanto region, which is similar to the depachika food halls found in the basement of department stores.

Open since mid-May, Muji Konandai Birds took over the space of the Takashimaya department store in the Konandai Birds shopping center in Yokohama.

Photo: Muji Japan

The entire retail space covers 5,117 m², making it the largest Muji in the Kanto region and the second in Japan. Here you will find all your usual Muji products, including furniture, clothing, storage solutions, stationery and more.

Muji Yokohama
Photo: Muji Japan

The basement is dedicated to the food specialties area which is opened in collaboration with Queen’s Isetan and Nakajima Fisheries. The grocery store carries nearly all Muji food related items as well as 10,000 products from Queen’s Isetan and Nakajima Fisheries, including fresh produce, ready-to-eat foods, confectionery, alcohol, seasonings, frozen foods and more.

Muji Yokohama
Photo: Muji Japan

Similar to the Muji in Ariake, there is also a place where you can buy products by weight, including nuts and coffee beans, as well as a tea studio with 32 types of tea leaves.

Muji Yokohama
Photo: Muji Japan

The store has a bakery where you can buy fresh bread made from Hokkaido flour, as well as a range of sake from local brewers in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Muji Yokohama
Photo: Muji Japan

If all that isn’t enough, head to the functional food court kitchen counter – a first for Muji – where you can learn tips and tricks from chefs and culinary experts through live demonstrations. The kitchen counter demonstrations will also be shown on store screens and on Instagram.

Muji Yokohama
Photo: Muji Japan

For more details on Muji’s new location, visit official site.

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Anatolians in Los Angeles: An Afternoon at Café Istanbul Wed, 02 Jun 2021 09:24:28 +0000

The unpretentious sound of Turkish is interspersed with fleeting moments of dialogue in Spanish, as the young waiters at Café Istanbul aloud organize their Latinx cooks, who, it seems, have mastered some of the most alluring recipes shared. along the Aegean, Marmara, Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts, those bodies of water that have always provided the diverse wealth of the Anatolian palace.

Its walls, furniture and decoration give off the special atmosphere of the Los Angeles ground floor, of a dark and anhistoric functionalism. But there is a saving grace, transporting like the fare, which, under palm trees and near the beaches of the Pacific, alludes to exotic places. Around the seating of the cafe, almost like an American diner, are framed photos of the Bosporus, its suburban ferries, and other iconic fragments reminiscent of nostalgia for the urbanized marine ecology that is Istanbul.

Their cuisine, however, extends beyond the city-like airs of Turkey’s largest metropolis to include more bucolic lands in the pale Anatolian. Their thick, white “yayla” rice soup is made with yogurt and sprinkled with mint. It’s listed as a ‘highland meadow’ appetizer and, while hot, its fresh dairy richness is also refreshing, making it a comforting country dish that works just as well on a hot California summer day as it does in any other country. the cold hills of the Black Sea.

“Yayla”, which means highlands in Turkish, evokes this humid forest ecology on the coast of a coastline shared from Eastern Europe to Central Asia. It’s almost tasty in the Café Istanbul recipe, executed with compelling authenticity. Half of the planet’s circumference dissolves the moment its silky texture is savored. And next to a light, flaky variety of long, thin “börek cigar”, it pairs well.

Sprinkled with dried herbs and spring onions, the “börek cigar” is larger and distinct from its traditionally lighter fry. The many outer layers of its phyllo dough break and crumble to the touch. It’s as irresistible as it is delicious. In a family setting, where much of this dish is generously consumed, there would be countless of these savory pastries filled with feta and mozzarella, which when melted together create a mouthwatering fusion.

Street view of Istanbul cafe in Los Angeles. (Matt Hanson for the Daily Sabah)

A culinary journey

The history of food in America is defined by the reinvention of Old World cuisine, redesigned to suit a population who, after many generations of displacement, whether by choice or by force, turn around and attempt to imagine how their ancestors cooked. Fortunately, as an immigrant nation in which foreign businesses are generally welcome, America has become a testing ground on which the rules of restoration are rewritten.

In a climate where cooks and foodies may not be as familiar with the cuisine of Café Istanbul’s set menu as the young, relaxed, Turkish-speaking staff, anything goes. That said, Café Istanbul adheres to the tradition where it might otherwise have strayed from its path. Although he offers an Americanized Mediterranean set of Greek dishes, his strictly Turkish dishes could very well show up on someone’s plate in Istanbul.

This is the case with their “Imam Bayıldı”, a legendary name for a beloved recipe, which in Turkish simply means “the imam has passed out”. There are many folk tales that provide colorful explanations for the nickname behind the fried whole eggplant stuffed with onions, tomato, garlic, slowly baked in the oven and served with a creamy garlic yogurt sauce mixed with mint and chopped cucumber.

In the Bosphorus coastal village of Kuzguncuk, now in the Istanbul metropolitan area, a bubbly and robust female chef ruminated aloud about the origins of “Imam bayıldı” while brewing it in her friendly kitchen cafe. Kuzguncuk has an air of cross-cultural mix with its multiple and important Greek and Armenian churches, as well as its two synagogues, and a reputation for housing gypsies like the poet Can Yücel.

Lifting a wooden spoon, apron and in her usual humorous mood, she wondered if she had finally unraveled the mystery behind the legendary faint of the Imam who had inspired a Turkish culinary classic. She turned to her hungry guests as they drank their hot tea and told them that it wouldn’t be out of the question that a Greek woman had simply added too much garlic to the once-simple eggplant fries that she would cook for it. ‘local imam.

The high degree of garlic in Greek and Turkish cuisine is enough to make a foodie wonder if these culinary cultures have been locked into a competition over how much they can use, especially in “jajik” sauce (spelled cacık en Turkish) which goes with “imam bayıldı” and the dish itself, which, it seems, was designed to accommodate an abundant mass of garlic-induced delight.

Around the course

Elsewhere in Café Istanbul’s kitchen are carnivorous favorites with traditions spanning the Anatolian countryside. Eastern Turkey may have an ecological affinity with the desert living conditions of southern California. Adana and Iskenderun’s meat dishes return to Istanbul from a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Beverly Hills and include a range of Mediterranean-style seafood, such as gilthead sea bream or “çupra” In turkish .

At any time of the day, Istanbul Cafe is a real haunt to appease anyone’s appetite for Turkish cuisine, although compared to any real Istanbul experience it is in fact extremely steep, totally unaffordable. . For example, the average “Turkish tea”, served in a tall, domed glass, while legitimate in color and taste, is 10 times more expensive than it would be in a luxury cafe overlooking the Bosphorus (and Istanbul cafe). do not look at anything).

Added to this, the absolutely basic ‘simit’ or Turkish bagel, and ‘açma’, another bread item for commuters’ breakfast, baked with black olives or cheese and served with honey and butter (like this is the case in the streets of Istanbul), seems insanely overpriced at 14 dollars. But the property in Beverley Hills, and all of Los Angeles for that matter. It’s a wonder that, with its Spanish-speaking cuisine and its muted mood, the food at Café Istanbul is finally worth it.

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Mooresville Fire-Rescue Responds to Kitchen Fire in Winslow Bay Tue, 01 Jun 2021 15:35:59 +0000

MOORESVILLE, NC – The unattended overnight cooking on a stove that ended in a kitchen fire at a Mooresville home early Monday morning is an uplifting tale highlighting the value of smoke detectors, according to fire officials from Mooresville.

Firefighters responded to the kitchen fire on Comata Road in the Winslow Bay neighborhood shortly before 1:30 a.m. on Monday May 31, Mooresville Fire-Rescue said.

They responded to the house within six minutes of receiving the call and found all occupants of the house outside and unharmed. “The fire was extinguished within 10 minutes and the damage was limited to the kitchen,” MFR said in a statement.

Fire investigators determined that one person in the house had started cooking on the stove, but was later distracted and fell asleep in another room, according to MFR Deputy Fire Marshal Jason Workman.

Unattended cooking fires are among the leading causes of accidental fires in Mooresville, MFR said.

“If it were not for the triggering of the smoke detector and the rapid reaction of the residents,
probably would have been a tragic fire with the loss of one or more lives, ”Workman said. “This is an example of why we remind everyone not only to have smoke detectors in their home, but to make sure they have batteries and are working by testing them every month. “


To request that your name be removed from an arrest report, submit these mandatory elements at

The response rules:

  • Be respectful. It is a space for friendly local exchanges. No racist, discriminatory, vulgar or threatening language will be tolerated.
  • Be transparent. Use your real name and save your affirmations.
  • Keep it local and relevant. Make sure your answers stay on topic.
  • Review it Community patch guidelines.

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Cooking a Success Story – The New Indian Express Mon, 31 May 2021 22:58:00 +0000

Express news service

CHENNAI: Time and time again, surveys across cultural and ethnic backgrounds have shown that women disproportionately bear the burden of unpaid work.

On the contrary, the COVID-19 pandemic and the norm of working from home have only exacerbated existing gender inequalities.

For working women, this implies the collapse of the demarcation of their professional and domestic spaces. But what about housewives who have always been subjected to unpaid domestic chores on a daily basis?

Besides dusting, washing and washing dishes, cooking is a big part of their endless list of household chores.

It is precisely in this area that entrepreneur Jayashree Thilak tried to make a change with Shero Home Food. Launched in August 2020, the platform harnesses the cooking skills of housewives, sharpens them and enables them to make a living in their kitchens.

“With a few basics, we found that the number of hours a woman spends cooking only doubled after the lockdown. So why not make it a career option and take their talent beyond four walls? This way, they can earn a lot of money without struggling and also financially support their family, ”says Thilak, co-founder.

Cultivate culinary dreams

So far, Shero Home Food has 50 registered home chefs serving different locations around town via Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo. “We have a simple form on our website.

Once the in-home chef signs up, we do a quick background and cooking check through a video call. If they follow hygiene protocols, we get them the FSSAI license.

Then they will receive training sessions in our demonstration kitchen at Anna Nagar or virtually depending on containment restrictions. They will learn the basics of pantry sourcing, quick recipes, packaging techniques, social media skills, and order management.

This will prepare them to manage their kitchen on their own, ”says Thilak. Shero offers food under three categories – Sambar, poriyal and rasam; Roti, dal & sabji; and my bowl. With adequate quantity and affordable prices at heart, their menu offers 100 varieties of comfort food.

“Some of the popular foods include poriyal, a simple dal, or mixed rice. This is what sets us apart from commercial restaurants, because ours is nothing but homemade dishes prepared to the taste of the customers. Cabbages and soup are doing just as well. We even offer cut vegetables, ginger-garlic paste and idli-dosa paste to make it easier for working women. Quality is a priority, so we make sure everything is prepared fresh and there is no food wasted. We will soon be introducing non-vegetarian and northern Indian products, ”says Thilak.

Shero is more of a women’s empowerment movement than a business, she points out. “We were able to include women of all age groups and even conservative families after gaining their trust. Everyone brings their specialization to the table. They are intelligent, calculating, know their cooking perfectly and have a perfect command of the mess. We just had to take them in hand through the business aspect. We heard from many women about how their lives changed dramatically within months of signing up. That’s what a job can do for you, big or small, it lifts your morale and builds your self-confidence, ”notes Thilak.

Empowerment starts in the kitchen

Among the many home chefs the platform has employed is Ayisha Mariyam, a resident of Purasaiwalkam. A mother of three, the housewife juggles her personal life effortlessly and cooks for Shero, she says. It’s been six months since she joined Shero while searching online for jobs to do from home.

“It was useful to me because I already knew the kitchen and I did not need an investment to register on the platform. I plan and finish my housework, then I start cooking for Shero. You have 30 minutes to prepare an order, so until I have finished preparing an order, I will not be accepting further orders. Sometimes I might not have the necessary ingredients since this is a small scale kitchen. The consumer is kept informed of the other options via Swiggy and alternative arrangements are made. It’s a fairly flexible model, ”says Mariyam. And it’s not just about cooking and shipping.

They receive feedback and are also supported in any way they can. “We have weekly meetings with other home chefs where feedback is discussed so you know where to improve. The backend team are always very supportive in difficult situations during lockdown and restrictions. I am happy to have been able to support my family. I feel empowered.

By making a full commitment with a housekeeper and a slightly better infrastructure, we can make good profits in this business, ”says Mariyam. It was Thilak’s dream to create more entrepreneurs like Mariyam. “Shero Home Food will have 300 home chefs on board by the end of this year. I want women to be emotionally and economically independent. We had mother-daughter, mother-son, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and husband-wife duos who check in and run the kitchen. It’s nice to see family members supporting their efforts, ”says Thilak. Order on Swiggy, Zomato or Dunzo. For more details visit:

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Are you ready to switch to induction cooking ?, by Mary Hunt Mon, 31 May 2021 04:18:45 +0000

During the 18 months we lived in a small apartment in preparation for our move from California to Colorado, I did not have a traditional stove and oven. Instead, I used my Breville Smart Countertop Oven and Duxtop Portable Single Burner Induction Cooktop.


Induction is definitely a different cooking method with a somewhat difficult learning curve. But oh, my! Once you get the hang of it, there’s a good chance you won’t want to go back to traditional electric or gas cooking. It’s really unbelievable. Because the hob itself does not create heat, it uses little energy. The cooking vessel (pot, pan, hotplate) creates its own heat, which is just cool!


Cleaning the induction cooktop is always quick and easy no matter how messy I am using it. I prepared our big traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas meals in this little kitchen with these two appliances. The cleaning was easy and the food was even better. We did not suffer!


As for kitchen utensils, they must be induction compatible or, as some manufacturers describe them, “induction ready”. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cookware you already own is induction ready, as are all cast iron and stainless steel pots and pans.


You can determine in a second whether your cookware is ready for induction. Get a magnet. If it sticks well to the pan, it will work wonderfully for induction cooking. If it doesn’t stick at all, this pot is probably made of aluminum, which is not compatible with induction. If it sticks a bit but can easily slide or move around on the pot, it is probably poor quality stainless steel or aluminum coated with stainless steel. You are looking for a very strong connection between the magnet and the pot.

One exception: if your wok has a round bottom, it will not work on an induction burner, regardless of its contents. And you can’t just add a ring to your cooktop; you will need either a flat-bottomed wok or a special induction hob, which will be an additional expense.


Here are my tips if you are considering switching to induction: While your appliances are still in working order, take the time to test induction cooking. Invest in a good portable induction cooktop burner, then use it whenever you have the chance.

For a small investment of around $ 50, you’ll soon know if induction cooking is right for you before committing to a big investment in an induction cooktop or range. This will also give you the opportunity to test the compatibility of your current cookware. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that the cookware you already own is fully induction compatible.


With our last kitchen remodel in 2018 (we moved to Colorado), I went from this one-burner induction cooktop to the GE Cafe five-burner induction cooktop. It’s just amazing, and I don’t believe we’ll ever go back to the smooth-roofed gas or electric options. My induction hob cleans like a dream (I said this before, right? But this is such an important feature!). And it is powerful.

I can set my induction cooktop to high and bring a large pot of water to a boil, and it’ll roll in about 90 seconds – and that’s at 5,280 feet above sea level.

I can sauté a pan of vegetables and / or meat over high heat, observe it’s done and put it on low, and it will cool down to a low heat almost instantly. Induction has a reactive quality that is superior to gas cooking and a cleaning quality that far surpasses a smooth glass top electric cooktop.


Induction cooking is powered by electromagnetism, which heats steel and iron in cookware that is compatible with induction. I don’t know the details, but I can guarantee the results!


As for the resale value of a home, as induction cooking becomes more well known (and loved), a beautiful induction cooker or hob will, in my opinion, make your property more valuable and desirable. As the pros say: the kitchen and bathrooms sell a house.

Mary invites you to visit her on, where this column is archived with links and resources for all recommended products and services. Mary invites questions and comments at, “Ask Mary”. Tips can be submitted at This column will answer questions of general interest, but letters cannot be answered individually. Mary Hunt is the founder of, a frugal living blog, and the author of the book “Debt-Proof Living”.

Photo credit: CorrieMiracle at Pixabay

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Tips for reducing cooking time during confinement Sun, 30 May 2021 12:09:06 +0000

Cooking in the event of a pandemic: tips for reducing cooking time during containment

May 30, 2021: Cooking in the event of a pandemic: Tips for reducing cooking time during containment

Balancing work from home while managing household chores is an art in itself. While cleaning can be postponed, cooking must be done on time, i.e. too regularly. And that is especially becoming a challenge now, given that there are restrictions on restaurants and take out. However, a few tips will ease the tension and help you become more efficient in the kitchen.

Menu: set the menu of the week according to the available ingredients

A simple way to cook without the hassle is to keep a food calendar for the whole week. By doing this, it is easier to plan ahead for your grocery and vegetable purchases and also to use up all the food you have stored. Maintaining a food schedule also motivates you to track your food intake and encourages healthy food planning.

Chop: chop the ingredients the day before to make the mornings easier

Once the menu is prepared, use it to prepare the ingredients in advance. Chores like cleaning and chopping vegetables usually take up most of our cooking time and are best done the night before and kept in the fridge for the next day. You can make this activity a fun activity by involving your family and children.

Food base: Prepare the food base in large quantities and refrigerate it

Curries are an integral part of Indian dishes and almost all other curries use the same sauce base while modifying the main ingredient. A smart way to cut down on cooking time is to prepare the sauce base in large quantities and save them for future use. Adding more cooking oil is a simple trick to improving the shelf life of the base.

Snacks: Choose filling options to reduce snack cravings

Given the heat, confinement, and the work-from-home scenario, very few of us have the time (and patience) to whip up elaborate snacks, but that doesn’t stop our cravings. Snacking on dried fruit helps keep hunger pangs at bay. You can also stock up on protein bars during grocery trips, as they are not only filling, but very tasty as well.

The news article, Pandemic Cooking: Tips for Reducing Cooking Time During Lockdown first appeared on NewsBytes.

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Valentine’s Day: Romantic Ideas to Celebrate During the Pandemic
Working from home: tips for maintaining health and well-being
Learn more about Lifestyle from NewsBytes.

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Memorial Day Best Sellers on Kitchen, Cookware, Housewares and More Sat, 29 May 2021 16:09:00 +0000

Memorial Day Weekend Sale is just around the corner and we have the best deals on kitchenware, cookware and home items to step up your cooking game or get a head start on your game. Fathers Day purchases. Some of our favorite kitchen utensil brands including Great Jones and Misen have sitewide sales. The same goes for greedy gadgets and small devices like NutriBullet, AeroGarden and Hydro flask, which have sales until Monday. That means if you’re in the market for a kitchen appliance and don’t feel like waiting around for a midsummer sale, now is the time!

If a major appliance isn’t on your list, maybe a grill is. After all, the grilling season has officially arrived. As such, retailers, including Macy’s and Walmart have cooking equipment and grills for sale. Meanwhile Best buy, our trusted source for small kitchen appliances, offers toasters, coffee makers, and hot air fryers. For more sophisticated stuff, try Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table and score some fancy french kitchen utensils and cooking utensils at prices below normal. And if you’re in desperate need of an Instant Pot, we’ve got a list of best deals on multicookers from all over the web.

Finally, if you are looking for food and alcohol, some of the more popular wine clubs have Memorial Day Weekend Deals, while Butcher’s shop, a premier online meat delivery service, offers 7 pounds (!) Of free meat with your first order. Not to be outdone, the best meal kit and meal delivery services have lower prices for Memorial Day weekend – some as low as $ 2 per serving.

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Check out the Kitchen and Cooking Utensil Top Sellers for Memorial Day 2021 weekend. And check back often as we’ll add and update this story as we move into the unofficial start of summer.


If you’re looking for great French cookware or sharp knives, look no further than Zwilling’s big Memorial Day sale. The parent company encompasses traditional kitchen brands like Staub and JA Henckels and a whole bunch of good stuff comes down to great prices. The legendary casserole dish (aka Dutch oven), for example, is $ 130 for the 4 quart or $ 160 for the large 7 quart. Or snag your new favorite knife, a 7-inch forged Santoku blade for $ 50 – up from $ 125 due to packaging damage.


If you’re considering an indoor garden – perfect for city dwellers or chefs who want fresh herbs all year round – one of the most popular smart garden brands is offering a 20% site-wide discount throughout the year. weekend with a special code SUMMER20. Hang the smaller AeroGarden Sprout for $ 70, or the mid-size AeroGarden Harvest for $ 120 or go big with the 24-plant AeroGarden farm up to $ 520 for Memorial Day weekend.

Butcher’s shop

ButcherBox is one of our favorite online butchers, a service that will send top quality cuts to your doorstep. For Memorial Day weekend, new members get a free barbecue package with their first order: two New York striploin steaks, six burgers, and 5 pounds of chicken drumsticks. That’s 7 pounds of high quality meat for free, folks.

And yes, this is a subscription service, but you can pause or cancel at any time.


You know those kitchen utensils that when you see one tell you, “Ooh, I could really use one.” Well, Oxo makes them all: can openers, vegetable peelers, colanders, storage containers, tongs, scales and more. Right now, a selection of essential grill tools and items are at 20% off. I would say it’s pretty good timing.

The container store

Don’t just clean your closet for spring, organize it. You can find help through 25% of all Closet Organizing Essentials in the Container Store.

Hydro flask

Watch out for beach goers and campers: Hydro Flask is best known for its water thermos (also known as Hydro Flasks), but the brand has some excellent cooler bins for food storage, all suitable for camping. , as well as cutlery, crockery, serving utensils and Suite. But not everything is on sale: Hydro Flask is offering 25% off most items for Memorial Day weekend, plus free shipping when you redeem code WELL-BEING.


It’s no secret that Health-Ade makes great probiotic kombucha, but what you might not know is the brand’s incredible new line of cocktail mixers. Just a touch of the mixture of sour whiskey with a scoop of bourbon and sparkling water is a real game changer – trust me. Save 25% on mixers or any other site item with code GUT25, until Memorial Day.

Bed bath and beyond

Those oversized coupons that never expire may be a thing of the past, but you can still save a ton on Bed Bath & Beyond’s Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Get 40% off bedding and 25% off pool floats, outdoor entertainment equipment, side tables and other household items.


We love these powerful little personal blenders, and the Pro is one of the best models NutriBullet has to offer. Use a special code USAPRO May 28 through June 1 and save 15% on the NutriBullet Pro – normally priced at $ 100.

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Great Jones

Great Jones makes fun cookware with a retro look, including cookware, bakeware, and a large oval Dutch oven – the Dutchess. Save 20% on any $ 100 purchase now over the weekend.


This subscription service sends out a small bundle of handcrafted goods like blankets, coffee mugs, and coffee herbal teas each month – great fun and great giveaways. For Memorial Day weekend you can save 70% on your first box when you subscribe using code MEMORIAL70 (register on the waiting list here). Or get 30% off everything in the store’s collection

Put in

Misen is a brand of stylish and sturdy kitchen utensils direct to consumers with quality pots and pans, chef’s knives and other practical kitchen utensils. Right now, you can get 20% off sitewide during Memorial Day.

First sheet

The popular Firstleaf wine subscription service currently lets you take home six bottles of wine – all red, all white, or a blend – for just $ 30. I have personally tried this wine delivery service and can attest that you will get some pretty solid deals on award winning bottles, even without a promotional offer.

Winc Wine Club

Winc is one of the friendliest wine clubs out there and the service could be a great way to help novice wine drinkers find their rhythm. And it has an overall healthy wine selection, so more experienced oenophiles can find some interesting new bottles as well. For Memorial Day, Winc is offering four bottles for $ 25, plus free shipping. Six dollars for a bottle of wine doesn’t cost much no matter how you uncork it, but this offer ends May 31 and is open to new customers only.


These self-cleaning water bottles make great gifts. Save 15% when you spend $ 150 or more.

Amanda Capritto / CNET

I tried S’well’s reusable water bottles and found them to be surprisingly effective in keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Get 25% Sitewide Discount with Code MAY 21.

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Filipino chef now runs kitchen at Canlis restaurant – KIRO 7 news Seattle Sat, 29 May 2021 01:01:00 +0000

There is a new executive chef at Canlis.

The prestigious restaurant is banking its future on its first chef, who is neither white nor male. This leader breaks down barriers and finds a home as West Washington becomes real.

It’s just an ordinary Friday in the kitchen of this 70-year-old gourmet destination, but there is nothing ordinary about Aisha Ibrahim.

Ibrahim, a Filipino, is Canlis’ new chef.

He was asked if this fact was important.

“It’s important,” Ibrahim said, “Yeah, I think you own who you are on so many levels. Everyone was like, ‘Oh, you’re Filipino. You’re weird. You’re brown. wife.’ I’m like “yeah.” “You’re an immigrant.” I’m like, ‘yes.’ All of these things. All of these things are important. Because it’s something that I’ve really grown to be proud of.

Ibrahim cooked in Bangkok, Thailand, regularly receiving and turning down job offers, and even considering opening his own restaurant.

Then the pandemic hit and Canlis came to call.

“I tried to do due diligence on them, and I asked around,” Ibrahim said. “And I couldn’t find anything negative about the program, which is so rare in gastronomy.”

They also did their due diligence, while interviewing other predominantly male, predominantly white chefs.

Mark Canlis says the choice basically boiled down to a seven-course meal that Ibrahim cooked for his team and trusted his instincts.

“So you’re kind of like wrestling with it, a bit,” Canlis said. “And pretty quickly you fall in love. You’re like, ‘It’s just good. I don’t need to separate it. I love that.'”

It was, he said, like a courtship of several months.

Ibrahim was the only chef they offered the job to.

“And we were really hoping she would say yes,” he said with a laugh.

There is plenty of evidence that Canlis is not the restaurant it once was, as the pandemic has tested its owners like the rest of us. So maybe it is appropriate that they entrust their future to something, to someone brand new.

“The restaurant that we are opening, I consider it to be a whole new restaurant than the one that we have closed,” Canlis said.

A restaurant now in the hands of a 35-year-old chef who cut his teeth in the world of cooking, who happens to be an immigrant from the Philippines.

“Will that show in the food, necessarily?” Ibrahim asked. “I don’t know. I first want to express the products of this region and some cultural influences to reflect the fact that it is a gateway city to Asia.

“Being able to live in an American city with a long history of that. I grew up in West Virginia. I did not have access to it. It’s pretty amazing to me that there were Filipino owned businesses in the 1950s here. It’s exciting for me.

An excitement that will soon be fully on display in his new restaurant home.

Canlis never completely closed its doors during the pandemic. The owners have turned to take-out, cooking up burgers, serving meals out, all to stay afloat.

Now they plan to reopen their traditional dining room on July 1.

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