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ERMITAGE, Pennsylvania, June 9, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – For wine lovers, nothing is more disappointing than discovering that an opened bottle of wine has turned sour before it can be fully consumed. CCL container, North America A leading manufacturer of recyclable aluminum packaging, has partnered with Silvadore Brands to provide consumers with a simple and convenient wine preservation process that virtually eliminates product spoilage.

Using CCL Container’s aluminum aerosol containers, Silvadore Wine Essentials preserves the flavor and integrity of a wine long after opening the bottle. The product uses food grade argon gas as a preservative. By dispensing two sprays from the pressed-lid actuator of the container into an open wine bottle, the argon gas sits on top of the remaining wine, functioning as a barrier that prevents oxidation. This colorless and tasteless barrier preserves the freshness and the original aromatic structure of the wine for up to two weeks after the initial uncorking.

The revolutionary product represents a much more practical and affordable alternative to other wine preservation systems which often involve expensive and bulky components. “Consumers are drawn to the simplicity and effectiveness of this aerosol solution,” notes Kimberly kizer, vice president of sales for CCL Container. “Our aluminum container is both highly functional and particularly attractive, helping Silvadore distinguish its brand and its unique product in the increasingly competitive wine industry. With wholesale pricing available, Wine Essentials is also partnering with wineries, restaurants and other venues, allowing these businesses to freely open more bottles while reducing overall waste.

The product is marketed in a contoured brushed aluminum aerosol bottle that contains 0.3 oz of argon gas, which is sufficient for approximately 50 uses. CCL Containers used their body shaping technology to create a contoured neck that allows for improved grip and handling. The premium decoration gives the containers an eye-catching premium look and feel. Plus, the lightweight, transportable aluminum construction makes Wine Essentials ideal for on-the-go or outdoor use. Like all 100% virgin aluminum containers from CCL, Wine Essentials bottles are fully recyclable.

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About the Silvadore brands

Based in Chargin Falls, Ohio, Silvadore Brands’ mission is to “make the wine experience better.” Founded in 2018, the privately held company provides exclusive information, education and products that help consumers and businesses expand wine enjoyment and wine-related income. For more information visit:

About the CCL container

CCL Container is the leading North American manufacturer of impact extruded aluminum packaging for a wide range of consumer products and market sectors. State-of-the-art manufacturing lines produce finished containers at rates of over 200 units per minute in a full range of sizes, shapes and styles, with a full range of in-line decorating options available. The company is headquartered at Hermitage, Pennsylvania and operates three manufacturing plants in North America. In addition to Hermitage, Pennsylvania, factory locations include Mexico and Guanajuato, Mexico. All facilities are ISO 9002 certified.

CCL Container is a division of CCL Industries, one of the largest specialty packaging companies in the world. CCL Industries employs more than 21,000 people, with more than 180 production sites operating in 40 countries.

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