Celebrity chef Ranveer Singh Brar to get behind bars and cook up a storm | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: A prison cell is the last place to expect culinary delights. Perhaps in an effort to change that perception, celebrity chef Ranveer Singh Brar was asked to provide tips on spicing up the meals served to inmates in Uttar Pradesh prisons.
The move was initiated by the Prisons Department and the National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBD), which is the first wing of the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship.
Prisons chief executive Anand Kumar said the Lucknow-born chef will train prisoners to try new recipes for their meals.
“The chef will walk them through how to make several healthy recipes from existing food on set and called it a landmark initiative to empower UP prisoners,” he said.
The officer said that the whole schedule of the leader has been decided in coordination with the NIESBD and that Ranveer will start operations on Monday at Model Lucknow Jail and Nari Bandi Niketan. Not just cooking, its packaging will also be taught to them as part of developing entrepreneurship, Kumar said.
In the first phase, cooking, weaving, embroidery skills will be taught in Lucknow Model Prison and Nari Bandi Niketan and later, after its success, the model will be replicated in other prisons in the state.
Jailer at Lucknow Model Prison, CP Tripathi, told TOI that Ranveer Singh Brar will attend the prison on Monday. “As per instructions, we have already formed four groups of 25 people each who will interact with the chef and hone their cooking skills,” the officer said.
The officer also said the chef will also train the prisoners to cook a wider variety of sweets from the bakery, which was recently opened on the prison campus. The goal is not only to add cookies to it, but also to teach the prisoners how to package them so that they can also be sold on the open market.
“We are currently selling a 100 gram bun which costs only Rs 5 and can be obtained from the prison headquarters,” he said.
Tripathi also said that designers from the National Institute Design (NID) have also been mobilized to teach weaving, sewing and embroidery techniques to prisoners.