Chaitra Navratri 2022: Garlic and Onion Free Five Finger Lick Food Recipes You Should Try


Navratri special food without garlic and onion

Strong points

  • Awesome cooking recipes without garlic or onion
  • People avoid non-vegetarian dishes during these holy days
  • Fasting is the important part of Navratri

Navratri holy days are fast approaching and all devotees are ready to enjoy and celebrate this auspicious festival with great enthusiasm. During this festival, people take care of the meal they eat and some avoid using everyday ingredients in their cooking like onion and garlic, which are used in many food items. As fasting is an important part of Navratri, people indulge in prayers and cut out non-vegetarian food, and use onion, garlic and spices in their dishes. People eat food without these things for nine days.

As there are many other food ingredients available in the kitchen, one can try to make tasty dishes with them. Here is a list of tasty food recipes on your way to make your meal more delicious!

Lauki Tamatar Sabzi

Lauki Tamatar sabzi can go well with everything from rotis to parathas. It is a simple and easy recipe to make during the Nine Days of Navratri. You can have it without adding onion or garlic. This sabzi can be made according to your wish as you just need Lauki (gourd), tomatoes and lemon juice. You can keep it thick or add mashed potatoes. Potatoes and spicy flavors suitable for the taste buds can also be added.

sabudana khitchdi

Sabudana is widely used by Indians during their fast. Sabudana Khichdi is made of soaked sabudana. The dish is prepared by adding whole spices, curry leaves, potatoes and roasted peanuts. It is full of carbohydrates which gives the body an instant boost. This recipe is prepared without adding onion or garlic.

Aloo ki khichdi

Aloo ki Khich is a fast food recipe when it comes to cooking a fasting meal. It only requires potatoes, ghee, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and rice. It is a 5 minute recipe which is highly prepared by the Indians without adding garlic and onion to the recipe.

Kuttu aate ki puri

You can also make crispy Kuttu aate ki Puris when fasting. You just need buckwheat flour and a little salt for the recipe. Kuttu Puri can be eaten separately or can be combined with aloo ki sabzi according to his choice. Sabzi can be made without garlic or onion.

Kala Chana

Healthy, High Protein Kala Chana Recipe Your Way! To make your Navratri meal appetizing. This dish can be served with rotis, parathas or even puris. Kala Chana is used in many Indian recipes from chaat to dahi puri. Many dishes can be prepared from it. Kala Chana is rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. This can be done by adding garlic or onion to it.