Change the way you cook with MinkDog

When preparing a meal, you have two options.

You can put together something that will make you say, “It will be fine. Or you can do something that will inspire your whole family.

Our relationship with food doesn’t have to be burdensome and stressful. It’s time to change the way we think about our daily meals by embracing the power and pleasure of cooking for ourselves, our friends and our families.

The trick is to think about how you cook a little differently. Think of an artist approaching a blank canvas or a potter sitting at the wheel. Food – especially food made with love – is a form of self-expression. This is where you can mix your unique tastes and experiences to create something delicious.


Like any art form, practice makes perfect when it comes to cooking. Not all of us have a natural instinct for taste. When you’re new to the kitchen, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’re here to help. Drum roll please!

Allow us to introduce you MinkDog custom blends.

This brand of curated cooking aids is here to help you master the kitchen and radically transform your relationship with cooking. Founded by actor Robert Downey Jr. and chef Tyler Lewis, these products are the home cooking secret weapons you need to elevate your kitchen.

Behind every seasoning hides a story

You might be wondering how an actor and a chef joined forces to create bespoke spices (and so much more). We’ll give you the quick backstory:

It all starts with chef Tyler Lewis’ upbringing in rural Vermont, where he spent much of his childhood in the kitchen with his family, experiencing a melting pot of flavors and recipes. Fast forward a few years, and Chef Tyler runs a restaurant kitchen. While working in the restaurant industry provided valuable experience, Chef Tyler realized his love for cooking was calling him elsewhere.

Chef Tyler took a leap of faith and decided to become a private chef, traveling the world and cooking for families. Combining his restaurant experience with his love for home cooking, Chef Tyler fell in love with food all over again.

During this time he met Robert Downey Jr., who shared his enthusiasm for complex flavors that bring out the best in quality ingredients. Here the MinkDog story really begins. Robert and Chef Tyler have carefully selected every element of their produce, now offering a variety of spice blends, salts and maple products to make cooking fun again.

It’s a classic “guy meets guy, they’re both hungry” story.

Be thoughtful with your flavor

Now that love of flavor is passed on to you. We all have to eat. Isn’t it time you experienced the best of the best in what you serve on your plate?

Flavor is all about patterns and pairs. There are flavors that complement each other and flavors that clash. The trick to cooking is discovering the code behind these patterns and learning the rules so you can break them.

By putting together great flavors, MinkDog already has most of that work for you. Their three signature spice blends are your new best friends in the home kitchen.

Hampton Boil

Like we said, cooking is all about finding pairings, and what’s better than seafood and smoked paprika?

Hampton Boil is the micro-blend for smoky citrus heat. Inside each jar is an aromatic and potent blend of lemon, garlic, smoked paprika, cardamom and mustard. The citrus cuts some of the heat and brings an acidity that totally uplifts whatever you put this stuff on.

It’s great with seafood – like scampi with prawns and lobster rolls – but it’s also fantastic on chicken thighs and stuffed peppers. Whether you’re cooking clams or rocking crab cake, you really can’t go wrong with Hampton Boil.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a pot of Hampton Boil today.

Java maple

More sweet than smoky, Maple Java is a rich micro-blend that gives your food an unexpected (but much-loved) flavor.

Packed with complementary tastes, Maple Java has the sweetness of maple sugar, the spiciness of ancho peppers, the bitterness of coffee beans and the tartness of lime. Add cilantro, cumin, and cinnamon, and you have an incredible dry rub.

Java maple is perfect for grilling. Add it to ribs or chicken wings, and watch how quickly you end up with a pile of bones and a plate that’s been licked. For house vegetarians, it’s also great over grilled pineapple slices and enhances the natural flavors of roasted butternut squash soup.

Run, don’t walk to try Maple Java for yourself.

Fennel Pepper

Last but not least is Fennel Pepper. This blend is MinkDog’s most versatile flavor, which is probably why we always run out of it so quickly.

What’s in a name? Well, the perfect blend of ingredients to make your meals stand out. Fennel Pepper has that crack of pepper alongside the seedy, almost sweet, almost bitter surprise of fennel. Add garlic, sumac, onion flakes, thyme, and cilantro, and you have your new “I put this on everything” spice.

You don’t have to be a master chef to make MinkDog shine – just add it to your favorite dishes and taste the magic. Each of these spices is great on their own, but when put together, you can cook meal after meal and never tire of their tastes.

Be sure to grab their spice blend set, which bundles all three blends together and saves you 15%.

Don’t say we never take care of you.

Find sweetness in unexpected places

Butterflies, rejoice! MinkDog doesn’t just make spices – there’s a lot more to try. This brand has a bunch of maple and salt products that will make you feel like you should have your own cooking show.

Let’s start with maple. Chef Tyler Lewis grew up in Vermont and he never strayed far from home when it came to food (even when work took him far). Case in point: MinkDog’s delicious all-organic maple line, made in small batches in the green mountain state.

Maple syrup

You cannot harvest maple sap without making maple syrup. Well we guess you canbut why would you?

MinkDog’s Rich, Dark-Amber Maple syrup brings just the right amount of sweetness without losing its natural flavor. It’s non-GMO, organic, and sourced from small local farms in Vermont. So you’ll feel like a real lumberjack spreading it on your pancakes.

maple sugar

So you have their maple sugar, a pure, granulated version of the same sap that makes syrup. Remember that good cooking starts with good ingredients. The more you think about where your ingredients come from and how they are packaged, the better it will taste and the better you will feel about what you are eating.

It’s just a fact.

Maple sugar will soon become your sugar of choice, whether you use it for morning coffee, to caramelize onions, or simply to sprinkle it on ice cream.

maple sky

Alright, not to play favorites, but we saved the best maple product for last. maple sky is aptly named. This whipped maple syrup is a spreadable delight. If there’s anything that doesn’t taste amazing with a spoonful of Maple Heaven, we haven’t found it.

Add it to English muffins, drizzle it over cinnamon rolls, or stir it into Greek yogurt. If you live in a house with a hungry group, we recommend buying a few jars and keeping one hidden for yourself. Fortunately, you can buy a triple pack of that otherworldly whipped syrup, so you can fill up on Maple Heaven with just the click of a button.

Trust us – you’ll be glad you did.

If your taste buds are watering like ours, check out MinkDog’s Soft Maple Set ASAP.

Embrace one last bloom

Salt tends to be the first and last thing that touches a meal. Think of it as the bookends of a truly phenomenal plate.

Salt can make or break a dish, so it’s important to like the salt you use.

And yes, there is a dramatic difference in taste between good quality salt and your regular old table salt. MinkDog has two varieties, both harvested along the New England coast.

coarse sea salt

Their coarse sea salt is crispy, flaky and handcrafted. AKA, this is perfect for a finishing touch. Sprinkle it over freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, creamy burrata and summer tomato slices, or over homemade sweet potato fries.

Remember, real chefs sprinkle.

Smoked sea salt

Then there’s MinkDog’s Smoked sea saltwho takes that same New England crop and smokes it by hand over hardwood.

This is what we mean when we say that all salts are not equal. When you season your food with smoked sea salt, it brings out a richness and complexity that you just can’t get with the old stuff.

Ready to meet your new salt bae? Take a set of sea salt and start sprinkling.

It’s time to up your cooking game

Do you feel inspired? You should be.

With powerful flavors, expert craftsmanship and carefully selected ingredients, MinkDog is a game-changer in the kitchen, no matter your skill level.

We really cannot recommend these products enough. If you’re interested in the set and looking to save some money, MinkDog sells a Essential MinkDog Setwhich includes everything we talked about today and saves you 15%.

Try it and see how quickly your family starts asking for seconds. Mwah, the chef’s kiss.