Cook With The Sun – The Best Solar Ovens For Outdoor Cooking

Morgan Snape 09.13.22

Cook With The Sun – The Best Solar Ovens For Outdoor Cooking

I love cooking with the power of the sun, whether at home or on the go. One of my favorite solar ovens that I used to cook and cook with all the time is no longer in operation. Which is a shame, because I really loved this solar cooker.

But there are still plenty of solar ovens on the market that will suit almost any budget.

Think of a solar cooker as a slow cooker. You have to think and plan so that the food or desserts are ready in time before the sun goes down, or rather before the sun is no longer able to heat the oven sufficiently.

I love using the power of the sun to cook, but that can be problematic as it needs a constant amount of direct sunlight for around 3-8 hours depending on what you want to cook or bake. You will have to turn the solar oven to be constantly directly in the path of the sun.

Clouds will drop the internal temperature quickly, and not being directly facing the sun will also drop the internal temperature.

It’s just a matter of keeping an eye on it, which shouldn’t be difficult if you’ve planned ahead.

Take a look at some of the solar cookers currently on the market!



1. Jwn Green Portable Solar Oven Bag


Jwn Green Portable Solar Oven Bag

It’s about as light and portable as a solar oven. This is a literal bag that you can carry around and fold up whenever you want to cook.

I think my only issue with this is that it can take a while to reach 200 degrees F, which is what a solar cooker needs to reach to really cook or bake anything properly. You’ll need warm, direct sun for a long time to ensure it reaches and stays that temperature.

All in all, it can only reach a total of 248 degrees F.

It’s potentially a good option just for the summer months.

Advantages/Compact, lightweight

The inconvenients/Difficult to reach temperature, does not reach a temperature above 248 F.

Conclusion/It can be a good option for the summer months if you are able to give it some extra attention.

2. SOL COOK all-weather solar cooker


SOL COOK all-season solar cooker

This is an impressive solar cooker with a really affordable price. It can hold just about anything you might want to bake or cook and reaches and maintains temperature very well, even on partly cloudy days. It even has a little device that helps you know exactly where to point the solar cooker. Very cool additional feature.

Advantages/Affordable, well made, hits the temperature

The inconvenients/

Conclusion/One of my favorites, highly recommend




It’s a really interesting design for a solar cooker. I’m not sure I’m 100% sure about it, but it really works. It can boil water, make tea and of course cook food. I think the only thing that doesn’t suit me is the shape. Although they come in different sizes depending on your needs, it seems restrictive as to what you can actually cook. I couldn’t bake a donut, which I once did in a solar oven. But maybe some bun?

There’s no doubt that it works, although the design is odd, that’s also what makes it really effective. You will just have to be careful about the type of food you prepare there.

Advantages/Affordable price, works great

The inconvenients/Binding design

Conclusion/It works, just think if it’s for you or not.

4. All US solar ovens


All American SUN OVEN

It is one of the most popular solar cookers on the market and has been for years. It’s no wonder it’s so popular because of how well crafted, cooked, and made in the USA.

It can heat water, dehydrate, and cook or cook just about anything you have in mind. The size is perfect for just about anything you would like to do.

It’s the highest end, it’s the most expensive on the list, but you won’t regret making the investment.

Advantages/Works great, well built, made in USA

The inconvenients/Very expensive

Conclusion/Even though it’s high end, it’s worth it.

Cook with the sun

Cooking with the sun is an asset for preparing, camping or simply not having to heat your house in the summer. A solar cooker can work just about anywhere and some can even work year round depending on the location.

Which solar cooker is right for you?

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