Discover Home Food Preservation with Purdue Extension | New

Home canners are encouraged to join Purdue Extension for Mastering Home Food Preservation training this summer at Purdue University.

Instructors will teach U.S. Department of Agriculture recommended procedures for home food storage, provide valuable resources and take-home projects for attendees.

Topics will include food safety, freezing food, boiling water canning, pressure canning, pickling and drying food, and jams and jellies. The training will take place daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 14-17 at Purdue’s Philip E. Nelson Hall of Food Science.

Jane Lorenz, former Purdue Extension Home Food Canning Masters participant, talks about how the course confirmed the science behind canning and shattered the misconceptions she had from outdated knowledge and resources .

“Even though I was an experienced cannery before taking the course, it was a fabulous experience that allowed me to hone my skills. My knowledge needed to be updated with current standards, and now I know how to find safe recipes,” Lorenz said.

The course fee is $200 and includes a Mastering Home Food Preservation workbook. Contact Karen Richey at [email protected] for more information and accommodation.