Experiment With These 5 Summer Coolers This Holi

The most colorful and lively festival of the year is approaching and people have already started preparing gujiya, malpua and other traditional dishes. Thandai is one of the healthiest drinks people like to have in Holi as it keeps up with the energy level of the festival. Trying a variety of tastier, fresher and healthier drinks served alongside traditional dishes would be the icing on the cake, so why not try something new this Holi to escape the heat and exhaustion of chanting and chanting. constant dancing.Read also – Holi 2022: try this easy-to-make ice cream this holiday, recipe inside

Let’s serve your friends and family something different this Holi by adding new flavors in the colors of joy and happiness. Also Read – 5 Tips for a Healthy and Cool Guide to a Hot Summer

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Holi is a festival of colors so food and drink should also be colored like Holi. Let’s try this brilliant rainbow smoothie with Color Palette, which is not only attractive to look at, but also delicious and pleasant to drink! A rainbow smoothie is a great way to incorporate different and colorful fruits and vegetables into one glass. It is an easy-to-prepare drink that requires a blender to blend fruits and vegetables separately. Pour each layer of the mixed item into a glass to give it a rainbow look. Finally, place the glass in the freezer before serving.

Enjoy the delicious sparkling Summer Punch, prepared with simple and tasty ingredients: fruit flavored seltzer water, pineapple and orange juice. It is an easy to prepare, cheap and delicious drink. The non-alcoholic summer punch is ideal for all occasions. One can also enhance the flavor of the party punch with fruit flavored seltzer water or club soda. Try pineapple juice with club soda because they complement each other so well. Finally, top the punch with your favorite fruits like raspberries, strawberries and lemons. However, the drink can be replaced by adding a favorite fruit flavor according to one’s taste.

Prepared with pure plant-based ingredients, the smoothie effectively replicates the luscious taste of tiramisu. Try it as a post-Holi celebration smoothie or as a nighttime drink with dessert. You can also drink it regularly after training. This blended smoothie contains coffee which provides vitamin B, manganese and potassium, while cocoa powder provides antioxidant polyphenols. A healthy combination of smoothies can help balance gut bacteria while supporting immune health and brain function.

Strawberry lemonade is a pleasant summer drink made with fresh strawberries, lime juice and sugar. It’s tangy, sweet and a very delicious ideal summer drink to beat the heat. The ingredients used to make the mind-blowing drink are fresh strawberries (frozen will also work), freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar, and Coldwater/club soda/sprite/lemon-lime soda. The vitamin C in this drink offers antioxidant characteristics that can help protect you against infections and diseases like anemia.

Reishi tea is prepared with the reishi mushroom which offers several possible health benefits including immune system enhancement and cancer prevention. Having it after a hectic day of celebrating Holi helps you sleep peacefully at night due to its relaxing effects on your mood. There’s also some evidence that reishi can help sleep cycles by reducing fatigue and making you feel more rested overall. Reishi mushroom tea is a great drink, one may have to get rid of the fatigue of the whole day.

(Contributions by Chef Govind Bhusal, Managing Partner and Executive Chef of Dr.Zombie)