Explore Your Food Preservation Knowledge by Adding Fermentation Options |

PONTIAC – If you’ve exhausted your freezer and are pressure canner preserving the bountiful flavors of your garden, it might be time to explore another food storage option. What about fermentation? What can you ask?

University of Illinois extension educators Jenna Smith and Nick Frillman will answer this question and introduce the basics of fermentation or a natural fermentation process that is possible with many garden vegetables. Join Extension for their “Lacto-Fermentation 101: DIY Kimchi” class from 9-11 a.m. on Saturday, June 11 at the Livingston County Extension Office, 1412 S. Locust St., Pontiac, for an introduction to the world of lacto-fermentation.

In addition to the basics of the preservation process, participants will learn how to make kimchi, a traditional Korean side dish made with nappa cabbage, additional vegetables, and spices. Course participants will be able to take home their own pot of kimchi to ferment, pickling weights and other fermentation supplies, along with a better understanding of the fermentation process and the health benefits of regular consumption of kimchi. fermented foods.

Space is limited. There is a $15 fee for the program and registration is required. To register, go to go.illinois.edu/lacto-fermentation.

For more information about this program, registration, or upcoming events, visit us at go.illinois.edu/LMW, or contact extension educators Jenna Smith ([email protected]) or Nick Frillman ( [email protected]) by phone at 309-663-8306 or by email. If you require accommodation to participate, please contact us. Advance requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your access needs.