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(VAT) – As the price of food continues to rise, many people are looking for creative solutions to optimize their budget and reduce food waste. Buying and cooking food in bulk saves money, time and resources. However, frugal shoppers then face the challenge of how to safely store their bounty for future meals.

And… what about leftovers? Even the best storage bags and containers, when properly sealed, trap harmful oxygen which can cause mold, oxidation and bacteria to grow.

The right storage solutions can help extend the shelf life of everyday foods and other products in the home. MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is a patented system designed to help consumers store food safely for longer periods of time by using nitrogen to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage. This technology has been used by food processors and packagers since the 1930s and is now available to the general public. Fruits, vegetables, cheese and meats stay fresher.

“With MAP, the bad air inside packaged goods is swapped out and replaced with good air,” says Gary Growden, creator of MAPWARE.

“Natural Preserve is simply highly filtered air, leaving 100% safe, natural, organic, inert nitrogen,” he explains.

The MAPWARE Natural Storage System allows consumers to use MAP safely and efficiently at home. With MAPWARE, the oxygen inside the container is reduced or eliminated, reducing the risk of bacteria settling and oxidation that can lead to food spoilage.

Here’s how it works: Place food in a MAPWARE container, seal with the locking lid, and use a specialized canister of their food-grade nitrogen to remove bad air, leaving food sealed the same way it came from the store.

Products in the MAPWARE range include specialist nitrogen canisters and the MAPWARE series of bowls with lids, available in a range of sizes. Plus, Zip and Zap bags are MAP-compliant zippered bags that can easily fit in the freezer, fridge, or pantry and are perfect for meats, cookies, breads, fruits, and vegetables. , snacks and any other cooked or uncooked food. Other MAPWARE products include specialty clips and plugs that can be attached to bags of store-bought goods, such as bread and rolls.

MAPWARE products help prevent food waste and save money, so they benefit your wallet as well as the environment.

MAPWARE’s Gary Growden received the “Inventor Recognition Award” for “Most Innovative and Best New Invention” by the International Housewares Association.

MAPWARE products are fully recyclable, reusable and renewable.

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