Hotline for the preservation and safety of food opened in 2021

As of July 12, Oregon State University’s Outreach Program opened the toll-free food conservation and safety hotline this year.

The extension program has recruited certified master food canners in Lane and Douglas counties to volunteer to staff the hotline, which will be available to call between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. every day of the week until October 8. . Experts can be contacted at 800-354-7319.

The preservation of foods like cooking, canning and marinating has attracted increasing interest during the pandemic. But according to Nellie Oehler, one of the founders of the Master Food Preserver program, people don’t always do it safely. She says she fears dangerous internet advice or outdated family recipes could have serious consequences down the line.

The Food Preservation Hotline has been in operation in one form or another since 1990, and it has been a huge boon to communities in Oregon during that time. Of course, nowadays they also have a website.

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By Ardea C. Eichner