How Auguste Escoffier changed the way professional chefs cook

Do you like your food to come out in separate dishes? You can thank Auguste Escoffier for that. He changed the dining experiences so that instead of the whole meal coming to the table at once, the food came out as ordered. Escoffier also introduced à la carte dining in restaurants, allowing diners to order separate dishes from the menu instead of being limited to a full course (via the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts).

You can also thank Escoffier if you like to eat local and from farm to table. In “The Culinary Guide,” her recipes highlight the importance of using seasonal ingredients from her own region (via The International Wine & Food Society). Unlocking the usefulness of the toppings can also be credited to Escoffier. According to the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, he showed that garnishes could enhance the flavor of a dish instead of just serving as decoration.

Perhaps Escoffier’s greatest contribution to the modern professional kitchen was his Brigade de Cuisine system, which established a chain of command from executive chef to chef, and placed chefs at different stations according to their expertise and skills. This system streamlined the cooking process to ensure food was prepared correctly and in a timely manner and is used in gourmet kitchens to this day.

Whether it’s making kitchens more efficient, prioritizing customer preferences, or refining the concept of choosing ingredients, Escoffier has changed the culinary world.