How to Cook Tighnari Special Dish Recipe

Genshin Impact fans typically pull new characters like Tighnari for desirable combat gameplay or aesthetic reasons, but playable units also provide additional perks, including exploration perks and special food recipes. For example, Amber is the only person who can cook the Outrider’s Champion Steak, and Prosperous Peace is Ganyu’s exclusive kitchen. These special foods provide additional combative or restorative benefits that surpass the standard default meal recipe. Consequently, Genshin Impact fans are probably eager to know how they can get their hands on Tighnari’s special food by unlocking the recipe and learning what ingredients to gather.

Unlock Tighnari’s Special Food Recipe in Genshin Impact

Unlock Tighnari's Special Dish Recipe in Genshin Impact

Tighnari’s Special food in Genshin Impact is Forest Watcher’s Choice, a more nutritious variant of Mushroom Hodgepodge. By default, the Mushroom Hodgepodge is able to boost the DEF of all party members by 126 for 300 seconds when consumed. On the other hand, Forest Watcher’s Choice increases this DEF buff to 151 for the same duration.


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Mushroom Hodgepodge is a Sumeru-exclusive recipe that is not available by default. Fortunately, the means to acquire the recipe is not difficult. However, there are several quest-related prerequisites involved. Thanks to Game8players can find out exactly what steps are required to unlock the item:

Step # Walkthrough Details
  • Players need to go to the Vanarana area and speak with Arapacati, an NPC located southwest of the Statue of the Seven in Vanarana.
  • This area is unlocked by completing “World of Aranara” in the “dream nursery» World Quest series.
  • Next, players must follow a smoke signal towards Arachatora, an Aranara.
  • This Aranara must be healed using any Dendro ability.
  • After following the quest markers from “Cooking, the flavor of nature“, players will eventually come across a cave full of water.
  • To clear it, fans must defeat Ruin enemies to unlock the Seal of a Cube Mechanism, which can be used to remove water.
  • Finally, players must neutralize a Withering Zone to complete the quest objective.
  • Once done, return to Arachatora and complete the quest to receive the Tighnari Special Dish Recipe in Genshin Impact.

To cook Forest Watcher’s Choice, players will need a stack of Rukkhashava mushrooms, a Starshroom, and a regular mushroom. Rukkhashava mushrooms grow in the Lokapala jungle of Sumeru. Star Mushrooms can be found in several areas of Sumeru and the Chasm, and Mushrooms grow in all regions of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Source: Game8