“I became a chef because my mother is such a bad cook”: Peter Tempelhoff

It’s that time of the week again to get to know a public figure through some of their favorite things.

John Perlman spoke to FYN chef and restaurateur Peter Tempelhoff about his favorite food, book and music.

DOSSIER: Chef and restaurateur Peter Tempelhoff. Photo: Peter Tempelhoff/Facebook

Templehoff was heavily involved in the kitchen from an early age as he was always trying to fix what his mother was cooking.

It’s funny when people ask me why I became a chef… I say it’s because my mother is such a bad cook.

Peter Tempelhoff, chef and restaurateur at FYN

Tempelhoff grew up all over the world.

He was born in the United States and moved to Johannesburg, London, Canada, Durban and Cape Town when he was young.

Despite so much travel, dinner was always family time and they always tried to eat together at home.

As a chef, he said choosing a favorite dish is like choosing a favorite child, but if he had to choose one, it would be a ramen dish called Tori Paitan, which is a creamy chicken soup with thin noodles.

On a daily basis, Pempelhoff reads more cookbooks than novels.

But when it comes to choosing his favorite book, it’s tied between two he read when he was younger: _The Leopard Hunts in Darkness _by Wilbur Smith and power of one by Bryce Courtenay

Finally, music is something that is always in the background while he cooks and although his taste in music is as diverse as his cooking, he opted for Moves like Jagger by Brown 5.

Listen to the audio above to learn more.

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