In which to cook?

Toaster ovens and microwaves can heat food quickly, but when it comes to flavor, the toaster oven wins the prize (via Abt). Due to the dry heat given off by the coils, toaster ovens can crisp and even caramelize your food. It adds a ton of flavor to the final product, and microwaves can’t achieve the same effect.

Toaster ovens always have their flaws. Because they have several different components – glass door, baking tray, crumb tray, interior – they have a lot of different aspects that need to be cleaned (via Fixr). Microwaves usually consist of a glass table top and interior walls. They can even be steamed and wiped down quickly for easy cleanup (via Chicago Tribune). Toaster ovens are also much slower to heat and cook food (via Abt). It may take some time for the coils to heat up enough before they start emitting heat. They also cook through the surface, which means they need to cook on a low heat to avoid burning the surface of the food while leaving the inside frozen. They also can’t heat or cook liquids as easily or safely as a microwave (via Fixr).

So if you mostly need to reheat pizzas, grilled meats or sandwiches, look no further than the toaster oven. But, if you’re looking to reheat soups and stews often, are in a hurry, or just hate cleaning, then the microwave is the way to go (via Chicago Tribune).