Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen will open in Michelangelo’s former location

Insatiable Eats Chef Marco Barrila has rented out the old Michelangelo location on East Main Street and Maple Avenue. Michelangelo’s, which closed in March.

Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen will be the home of the successful catering and events company founded by Barrila and his wife Sheila in 2010, creating and hosting events in the East End showcasing Barrila’s international and regional cuisine.

Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen will also be an eclectic restaurant and market offering a variety of international dishes and showcasing Barrila’s Sicilian roots.

In an interview inside the former Italian restaurant and pizzeria on Friday afternoon, Barrila enthusiastically described his plans to open up the interior of the space, eliminate the wall that separated the pizzeria from the restaurant seats, and remove all cabins as well as the freestanding fireplace near the main entrance.

“I want everything to be open,” Barrila said of the interior space. His vision is to have an open kitchen, where customers can watch the chefs prepare meals and watch the fresh pasta and ravioli prepared by machines that Barrila imports from Sicily.

There will be take-out and fresh ingredients that guests can buy and take home to prepare in their own kitchens – as well as table service in the restaurant, which will provide a relaxed atmosphere. He wants the restaurant to be a place where people will be comfortable having dinner after work and where they will be comfortable with their children.

It’s all about the food, the chef said. There will be televisions in the restaurant, but they will only have cooking shows, he said, “no sports.”

Barilla plans to convert the restaurant bar into an antipasto bar, where guests can choose from a variety of small plates to accompany with a glass of wine or beer.

“My plans are always evolving,” Barrila said. But don’t expect Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen to be a typical Italian restaurant and pizzeria. There will be pizzas, but they will not be a main menu – and the pizza will not be sold by the share. “There are so many pizza places,” Barrila said. “We don’t need another one,” he said.

“It will be different. My menu will be creative and fun. It will offer specialties from his native Sicily, but it will also offer diverse cuisines, he said.

Also, don’t expect Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen to look like the Shinnecock Lobster Factory, which he opened in Southampton four years ago with the chief of the Shinnecock tribe, Lance Gumbs.

“If you want lobster, go to the Lobster Factory,” he said with a smile. “I recommend it. It’s fine. But that’s not what we’re going to do here.

Born and raised in Messina, a port city on the northwestern tip of Sicily, Barrila grew up working in his grandmother’s trattoria, a restaurant dating back to the 1800s. He arrived in New York at age 24 years old. He has participated in Chopped and other Food Network events.

Corrado Muttin, veteran New York restaurateur and restaurant manager, will run the Barrila storefront. “Corrado will be my right hand man,” Barrila said.

Muttin was on site Friday afternoon to supervise workers cleaning the interior of the restaurant.

Barrila said he hopes to be able to open before the end of October.

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