It makes it to Westchester: Dam Good English Muffins

Denise Weale, at Croton Dam, with her Dam Good English Muffins

By Dan Murphy

If you grew up in Westchester like I did, you’ll usually find, and enjoy, a good bagel for breakfast. But another deal with me in the morning is always an English Muffin, which well, home -made is hard to find in this area, forcing most of us to buy that famous brand in the supermarket.

But we found a great English Muffin made here in Westchester. Make that a Dam Good English Muffin, the name of the company that cooks it and other delicacies at Peekskill.

And the spelling of Dam is correct. Owners Denise and Ross Weale, began cooking their sourdough English Muffins in Croton on the Hudson, next to or near Croton Dam, hence the Dam Good Muffins. Legend has it that the reason Bagels, Breads and Pizza dough is so delicious in New York City is because of the water, and that water came from Croton Dam.

Founded in 2017, Dam Good English Muffins is “Handmade for Goodness Sake!” by Johnson & Wales Culinary School graduates Denise & Ross Weale, They are available in 4 variations: vegan Original White, vegan Cinnamon Swirl, Whole Wheat & vegan Multigrain, and made without any preservatives from premium ingredients.

On Nov. 7, 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Weale cut the ribbon at their new bakery production facility located at 2 John Walsh Blvd., in Peekskill.

So why are these English Muffins so good? They’re made with all natural, non -GMO, soy -free ingredients, no preservatives, and a blend of beginners – giving them a subtle sourdough aroma and flavor. After a cold-fermentation period, artisan sourdough English muffins are first chopped, then grated like pancakes with avocado oil-each different.

When toasted, Dam Good ™ English Muffins are crunchy on the outside and chew on the inside, making great for avocado or hummus toast, burgers, egg Benedict, breakfast sandwiches, melts, pizzas, or simply with butters, cheeses, or jam.

Or just your coffee in the morning, which is where I tried my first Dam Good English Muffin. I got a four pack of their different flavors, to share with my wife and daughter. I toasted a Cinnamon Swirl with some butter, and this is the best English Muffin I’ve had, and even better some of the local, homemade bialy’s I’ve been eating lately.

The Dam Good English Muffin, to me, is a real deal, and my husband enjoys the square shape, and the middle stays soft, while toasting on the outside. Next up will be a couple of English Muffin Pizza’s of which we’re fans, and can’t wait to try a Dam Good.

I would definitely recommend this product, for many reasons. The most obvious is the taste, they will die for, and while a four pack goes for $ 6, it’s worth it. You’re also buying a local product and helping Westchester’s economy at the same time.

Orders can be placed on the website,, where they have a variety of packs, breakfast bags, and jams. There are recipients and a blog with some delicious ideas for different ways to prepare your English Muffins.
Dam Good ™ English Muffins are also available at various retail locations in the NY-Metro area, and through home delivery services, Fresh Direct, Hudson Milk Company, Field Goods, Headwater Food Hub, and Two Birds Artisan Provision.

Enjoy, and send us your idea for a ‘Made in Westchester’ story. Help us get the word out to share with our readers and friends.

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