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James Cook Key Stats:

To come back, Georgia
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 199
Will inevitably be compared to: his much better brother Dalvin
SAR: 8.78

Games watched:
Alabama, Florida, Clemson, Arkansas (2020), Alabama (2020)

Positive Scouts saw:
  • Exceptional receiver with excellent footwork
  • Could dominate 3rd downs, possibly the best change of pace in the draft
  • Limited tread on tires
Negative scouts saw:
  • Limited as an inside runner
  • Limited in pass protection
  • Not a great vision
Positives I’ve seen:
  • home hitter
  • He roasts the niggas chasing him and makes them bully too much
  • Best change of pace in the draft?
Negatives I’ve seen:
  • Too big between tackles
  • Needs space and manufactured keys to be super effective
  • Not a 3 back
As a Prospect:

James Cook is Dalvin Cook’s brother, and I bet you’re really glad I brought it up because you’ll probably never hear from him again during the whole drafting process. Dalvin’s younger brother (James) is a space fiend who regularly roasts colleges and future NFL linebackers in space with his speed and long speed. His brother is also an NFL player, which is crazy! James is clearly the best pass to catch RB in this class, and he makes the guys look like they’re on skates when they try to chase him down with the ball in their hands. He’s an accomplished road runner and looks great on all three levels, but don’t ask him to take it in the middle because it’s not going to end well.

Fantasy football potential:

When redrafting, I generally avoid taking passes to catch specialist fullbacks because there are few spots on the bench and I want to reserve them for guys lucky enough to take over an entire backfield. If there’s one I want on my redraft team, it’s James Cook (brother of Minnesota Viking Dalvin Cook). PFF ranked him as their 5th best RB prospect in the class, and it’s easy to see why. Depending on the fit, you could see him sneaking past the end of the first round in the 1QB Dynasty rookie draft, and that makes sense.


James Cook, brother of Dalvin Cook (who is a current NFL player) is a damn fine prospect who has real juice that will translate into the NFL. Don’t be surprised if his name is called Day 2 of the NFL Draft because he has legitimate potential and the ability to be a game-changer on Sunday. I’ve been back and forth with Joey BK on whether or not Cook could translate to a 3 down player, and I’ll come back to that. I compared him to Tevin Coleman but I think he also has a lot of Chester Taylor in his game, someone who can be a fantastic game every week legit in deeper leagues because he should get some space and a planned volume that makes him a threat and someone the opposing team has to counter a game plan. I’ll end with an existential question, think about it deeply: Minnesota needs a comeback, do you think they would take James in the 3rd, or is it true that too many cooks in the kitchen can ruin the broth?

James Cook reminds me:

Tevin Coleman

Score: 82/100

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