Kidscreen » Archive » GoNoodle and America’s Test Kitchen are preparing a new channel

To inspire kids, parents, and educators to learn more about the connections between food and science, kids’ media platform GoNoodle has partnered with America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) to launch a dedicated new channel on its mobile app.

The ATK Kids channel, which launched today, features 10 original videos ranging from step-by-step recipes for easy snacks to short lessons that answer questions like “What makes drinks carbonated? ” and “What is gluten?”

GoNoodle’s goal is to combine hands-on learning with cooking to teach elementary school children how to learn new skills in different ways, CEO KC Estenson said in a press release. This fits well with ATK’s mission to teach young home cooks how to be successful in the kitchen.

GoNoodle and ATK Kids are already strengthening their partnership by co-developing an original series of shorts that are set to roll out during the back-to-school season. These videos will see young chefs from ATK Kids teaming up with GoNoodle’s original “Champs” characters, who engage kids in activities like games and exercises on the app to grow their avatars.

ATK’s education specialists will also use the GoNoodle platform to create written guides to teach children of different skill levels different recipes, experiments and cooking techniques that can help them develop life skills like self-confidence and curiosity.