Launch of innovative food dehydrators for food preservation

Maan Global Industries launches innovative food dehydrators for the food and pharmaceutical industry

India-based MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, a leading thermal energy product design, manufacturing and technology company, has launched innovative food dehydrating machines that consume 75% less electricity compared to conventional food dehydrators. conventional foods. The company launched these new dehydrators in view of the global food crisis which is a major challenge globally as these innovative food dehydrators help increase the shelf life of fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry . The company, which already has a presence in the United Arab Emirates, sees future growth in segments such as agritech, food processing, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

The company’s new R&D and manufacturing facility is also forthcoming in the Delhi/NCR region, which is well connected to all major container ports to facilitate exports and fulfill global orders from its international customers. The company already exports 40% of its industrial thermal energy products and food dehydrators to the United Arab Emirates, Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Speaking about the company’s future plans, N. Mehdi, Chairman and Managing Director of MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, said, “Our company already manufactures 40 different types of equipment and machinery for industries as diverse as automotive, heat treatment, air conditioning, aerospace, pharmaceutical, construction equipment, surface preparation and food processing and we see the market potential that we are responding to due to growing economies and consumer demands. Our product range includes industrial heat treatment furnace manufacturer, industrial coolers, shot blaster, food dehydrators, concrete batching plants, pharmaceutical dryers, industrial ovens, software automation services and other products.

The company’s current turnover is approximately one million dollars. Much of its revenue comes from its technology and industrial consulting business, which it aims to grow by 25-30% year-on-year. “We have ambitious plans to grow our overall revenue to $20 million over the next three years.” he added.

The company will also leverage its experience in food processing and in the global market for innovative dehydrating machines for fruit and vegetable processing. The demand for natural foods without preservatives is increasing across the world and more and more companies are looking for innovative and natural ways to preserve fruits and vegetables longer, that’s where the innovative food dehydration equipment from l business integrates. Cost-effective and sustainable product specially designed for farmers, agro-processing companies and food processing companies such as meat and poultry.

Mehdi said these dehydrators will be designed and manufactured in-house to keep the cost under control and these cost benefits could be passed on to our customers. “This is a small step our company has taken towards solving the global food crisis by increasing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables with its innovative food dehydration system. We are committed to serving humanity by designing products that solve global challenges through the use of cutting-edge technologies, bring together the smartest people, and produce cost-effective products,” he added.


Founded in 2011, MAAN GLOBAL INDUSTRIES (MGI) is a thermal energy product manufacturing, design and technology consulting company that helps some of the world’s most renowned companies solve their problems in thermal processing, cooling, surface preparation and food processing on a global scale. ladder.

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