New monthly ‘Cook Day’ takes community fridge concept one step further Pipa News

Community groups in Charlottetown hope a new food initiative can feed a hungry stomach and inspire new ways to cook and prepare food.

Once a month, volunteers from PEI Community Fridge and PEI Food Exchange will come together to cook a dish using leftover food from the community fridge on Valley Street.

The group not only seeks donations of food, but also donations of knowledge. Anyone with chops in the kitchen, including people from different cultures, is encouraged to share their recipes and techniques.

Pauline Howard, one of the organizers, said: “Another benefit we see here is a greater awareness of diverse cultures, as everyone eats, and the improved food literacy of the people we bring together. with us. expect.”

“For example, the Turks make a wonderful liver dish, and the Italians make a wonderful tripe sandwich. We therefore hope that different cultures of the community will come forward to offer their gastronomic skills to our group “

Pauline Howard hopes the idea will introduce people to different foods and cooking techniques. (Tony Davis/CBC)

The dish on Sunday was carrot soup made from local ingredients and donated carrots too deformed to sell, but good to eat.

“I can’t wait to learn how to blend carrot soup without using an immersion blender, as I was told you could do it with a large wooden spoon that came from Kenya. And so I went to learn that. Really excited how it’s done.

The food is prepared in a certified kitchen, offered by a local caterer in Africa.

On the Sunday menu, carrot soup made from donated carrots. (Tony Davis/CBC)

Anyone who would like to get involved or help with meal preparation can email [email protected] Or call 902-916-8825.

For now, the group is supposed to prepare meals every third third Sunday of the month from 3 to 6 p.m.

Sandra Sunil of 4Love4Care started Community Fridge last year to help address food insecurity. Community members and businesses donate food, and everyone can access the fridge no questions asked. Sunil said it was very popular and he was happy to see new ideas.

Sandra Sunil says she would like to see community refrigerators in other areas where needed. (Tony Davis/CBC)

“The goal, with a community fridge, is to provide opportunities and space for community members to contribute and contribute in any way they can, whether it’s sharing skills, resources, or knowledge. So that’s great. that we can set up a community cook day each month. »

Sunil said he is ready to consult anyone who wants to start a community refrigerator in his area. He said plans are underway for one in the West River community.