Release Confirmed, Sanrio Content, Bunny Day, First Birthday, New Updates, and more

The Animal Crossing 1.9.0 Update is finally here! It’s time to celebrate and get ready for Bunny Day!

LATEST – It’s Live Now and Bunny Day Is Coming!

Animal Crossing 1.9 Update for New Horizons should be available for everyone now.

You can see an overview of what it will add below:

When Isabelle says “Seasons Item”, we all know what that means right …?

Bunny Day is back! It’s starting March 28, 2021, Zipper will return and the first recurring seasonal event will begin at Animal Crossing New Horizon.

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This is a strangely important milestone, right?

There will be an Egg Hunt, Bunny Day outfits and furniture, and new items at both Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters ’shop.

Sanrio Character

One of the main things to come as part of the new update, 1.9.0, is Sanrio-inspired content.

As Nintendo said: “Add some Sanrio Sweetness to your island. Starting March 26, the Animal crossing The Sanrio Collaboration Pack is available for purchase at Target stores throughout the US “

“You can use six vibrantly designed amiibo cards to invite beautiful and colorful Animal crossing residents inspired by popular Sanrio characters on your island, including Rita, Chai and Toby. These amiibo cards exchange bells for special Sanrio -themed furniture and fashion items that are also in -game. You can also invite these characters to Harv’s Island for a fun photo session at Photopia. “

Therefore, while content will be added as part of the New Horizons update on March 17/18, it won’t be live in the game until March 26, so stay tuned.

One Year Anniversary

Animal Crossing New Horizons has almost come out a buo years we know! We don’t quite believe it, because of this weird year, but it’s true.

Animal Crossing New Horizons was originally released on March 20, 2020, and became the 15th best-selling video game in history and the 2nd video game on the Nintendo Switch!

YOU CAN’T FINISH MARIO-Surely the content of Mario Day can’t be one-upped anytime soon?

Statistics like that are worthy of celebration, right?

Even Isabelle is keeping mom informed about what’s in store, it would be a strange opportunity for Nintendo to pass if they hindi have planned.

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Also coincides with the release date for the Animal Crossing 1.9 update Very beautiful on a year’s anniversary, do you think?

Bunny Day and Easter

Last year, Bunny Day and the Easter celebrations took place in New Horizons in April.

So, while we’re not expecting anything for the Animal Crossing 1.9 update, can we see the ground-work laid in the next download?

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Developers often add things to games behind the scenes in updates to prepare their titles for future releases and we doubt Animal Crossing New Horizons is anything different.

ZIPPER – Bunny Day is likely to return this year!

That means we could potentially see a relatively no update on March 17, 2021. However, it is possible be building until a bigger update in April!

We can’t wait to see Zipper and his terrifying stare.

New DIY Recipies & Items

We don’t have much information about what new DIY Recipies and items are just in store.

However, Animal Crossing’s “Discovery in March” video suggests that many Bamboo -based DIY Recipies work.

You can check out the clip in the Tweet below:

Yes ay very saying is that the video doesn’t really show any past in the Mario Day content that was added recently.

More Confirmed 1.9.0 Content

The Custom Design Pro Editor + feature will come as part of the update. “The Custom Design app on your NookPhone gets an upgrade! Use your Nook Miles at Nook Stop at Resident Services to unlock the feature.”

It also introduces the Custom Design Portal. You will be able to add the Custom Design Portal located in the Able Sisters store directly to your in-game NookPhone app.

Other Assumptions

Another major piece of speculation that makes the rounds is that there are several new Villages heading towards Animal Crossing New Horizons.

For Island players with the highest capacity, this could lead to an offensive season for Animal Crossing fans if they want to invite any new Villagers to their Island.

We don’t know if this is the case, so stop your dismissals until more information arrives!

It’s hard to imagine nothing is happening for the next few weeks, so we think we’ll get more information soon.

Until we find out more, watch out official Animal Crossing social media channels for the latest.

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