SABB and Eta’am launch dry food preservation project

The Saudi British Bank (SABB) and Saudi Food Bank (Eta’am) have opened Riyadh’s first central catering kitchen, with the aim of storing surplus dry food and delivering cooked meals to Social Security families , orphans and people with disabilities. Needs.

This project expands the strategic partnership between SABB and Eta’am, in which SABB will continue to support Eta’am Bank’s food preservation initiatives and projects, as well as provide partnership support, sensitize community organizations and reinforce the notion of social solidarity.

As part of SABB’s community service programs, the bank has covered the construction, operating and logistics costs of the project, and Eta’am will facilitate the implementation and management of the project, as well as develop long-term partnerships with food companies based on the principle of preserving dry foods and transforming them into ready meals.

“The Central Kitchen Project is an excellent initiative to find innovative solutions to reduce food waste, with the aim of saving more than 500,000 tons of dry and canned products in food industries for processing and distribution to beneficiaries. in order to achieve food security and sustainable development goals,” said Abdullah Al Mehrij, Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at SABB.

In particular, as part of its social responsibility programs, SABB continues to support and encourage social projects aimed at developing and strengthening communities, as well as improving the living conditions of low-income families.


About Saudi British Bank (SABB):

Saudi British Bank (SABB) is a licensed financial institution subject to the supervisory control of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia. SABB was incorporated in 1978G as a Saudi joint stock company and is a subsidiary of the HSBC group.

SABB provides integrated financial and banking services, such as retail banking, corporate and investment banking, private banking and treasury services. SABB’s paid-up share capital is SAR 20.5 billion.