Second Servings opens new ‘PopUp Grocery Stores’

Inflation affects everyone, but low-income families and people on fixed incomes, such as seniors, veterans and people with disabilities, are particularly affected. The latest consumer price index shows increases in virtually every sector, with grocery store prices rising 11.9%, the largest increase in 40 years.

To address this pressing issue, Second Servings, a nonprofit perishable food rescue organization, launched an initiative known as PopUp Grocery Stores, to provide food aid to thousands of struggling Houstonians in 14 communities across affordable housing.

On a pre-arranged basis each month, residents have a free shopping experience in their building where they choose from a wide assortment of fresh and unsold groceries picked up by Second Servings that morning from partner supermarkets. These partners include Kroger, Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Foodarama, Aldi and Target.

Although items vary daily, the range generally includes bagged salads, meal kits, individual meals, healthy snack boxes, fruit, vegetable platters, sandwiches, meat, dairy and baked goods, among other items.

Ready-to-eat items are among the most popular because many people lack the time or skill to cook from scratch, cannot source these items from a typical pantry, and consider them too expensive to buy. grocery.

“It’s amazing that I got so much today!” exclaimed Ms. T, a resident of the Houston Heights tower. “It will last me more than two weeks. I love all fresh fruits and vegetables. And, can you believe I have asparagus? These are my favorites and they are so expensive these days.

Now in its eighth year of operation, Second Servings recently received support from the Houston Jewish Community Foundation to expand food rescue efforts, and from the Jewish Teen Philanthropy Initiative to power its four refrigerated vans for five months.

The organization hopes to expand the PopUp Grocery Stores program to other affordable housing properties. If you are interested in supporting the initiative, visit