Taste Assam with these 5 street food recipes

The beautiful tea plantations and breathtaking views of Assam are honestly not enough to describe the state. While this region has so much more to offer, Assam has also become a foodie’s paradise in recent years! The region is a cultural and gastronomic melting pot. Assam has developed unique dishes that are rarely found elsewhere in India, thanks to strong influences from neighboring states. You can easily find many noodle dishes, meat delicacies, small crispy bites and more on the streets. So, to introduce you to some of these flavors, here we bring you a list of must-try Assamese street foods.

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Here are 5 Assamese street foods

1. Pitha

Pitha is one of Assam’s best-known delicacies. It is made with rice flour and comes in sweet and savory varieties. It is made from a rice batter and stuffed with cabbage, radish, jaggery, coconut and other ingredients. Traditional pitha dough is steamed in a bamboo shoot and eaten with tea for breakfast.

2. Silkworm fry

This dish may seem a bit offbeat, and indeed you have to have an acquired taste to have this dish. But if you’re the experimental type, you can’t miss this. It is created from silkworms, as the name suggests, and is relatively unknown in the rest of India. Silkworm fry is a tasty meal with a rich blend of spices.

3. Pork stir-fry

If you like a fiery and meaty texture, you can’t miss this dish. Pork chops are sautéed with broccoli, onion, peppers, ginger and garlic before being served. The flavor is enhanced by thickening it with cornstarch and adding spices.

Chilli Roast Pork

4. Gughni

Gughni, a savory snack made from soaked chickpeas cooked in a traditional spice pool and garnished with onions, cilantro and chili peppers, can be enjoyed on its own or with a cup of steaming chai. Pieces of mutton can be added on top.


5. Patishapta

Patishapta is the Indian cousin of the thin and crispy crepes popular in France. Patishapta is a type of Pitha which is popular throughout Eastern India. It is stuffed with a delicious filling of jaggery and shredded coconut.


So what are you waiting for? Try these five delicious street foods and let us know which was your favorite!