The best cuts of lamb to slow cook

When looking for the best cuts of lamb to slow cook in your slow cooker, look for cuts that would normally do a lot of work for the animal, as these are the toughest cuts and therefore the best for slow cooking. Lucky for you, because these cuts are tough and require intensive processes to properly prepare, they will likely be some of the cheapest cuts you can get.

Cully’s Kitchen lists shoulder of lamb as a prime cut to use for slow cooking due to its toughness and flavor. The shoulder gets a lot of work while the animal is still alive, meaning it can take it low and slow. Additionally, the bones found in the shoulder can also impart wonderful flavors, coloring not only the meat but also the other ingredients surrounding it. It is recommended to cook the whole shoulder of lamb until the meat is literally falling off the bone.

According to BBC Good Food, the shank, which is the lower part of a leg of lamb, is another cut ideal for slow cooking or braising. Also, the “rump” or “rump” is the top part of the leg of lamb and, as you can imagine, is one of the toughest cuts you can buy, making it the one of the best cuts of lamb for whole slow cooking – either roasting or barbecuing.