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When weighing products on a kitchen scale, it is important to take into account their “dead weight”, the actual weight after removing pits, peels, seeds, stems and other unusable parts.

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OXO kitchen scale

As any home chef will tell you, preparing a successful meal is a mixture of art and science. Recipes are very similar to chemical formulas, especially when it comes to baking. An important part of any formula is the precise measurement of ingredients, and in the kitchen this work often comes down to an accurate digital kitchen scale. In the food equipment industry, OXO Good Grips is regarded as one of the best manufacturers of kitchen equipment, including digital food scales.

When you buy a new OXO kitchen scale, your personal cooking preferences also play a role. Bakers often look for scales with smaller capacities but more accurate in terms of ounces and grams. Cooks prefer scales that can handle heavier bulk ingredients, such as meats or vegetables. Any OXO kitchen scale that meets both baking and baking needs is a good thing to own.

What to consider when buying an OXO kitchen scale

Accuracy and calibration

While some recipes allow for some latitude when it comes to the proportions of ingredients, many have been developed with precise measurements in mind. That is why accuracy is a very important consideration when choosing an OXO kitchen scale. OXO is well known in the appliance industry for its attention to detail and precision, as well as for its ergonomics. Although OXO does not offer as many kitchen scale models as its competitors, the scales themselves have been rigorously tested for accuracy before shipment. If in doubt, look for certification of accuracy from a recognized laboratory somewhere on the packaging or owner’s manual.

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