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Wellness brand CBD expands its dessert offering

CB Dough, the artisan CBD wellness cookie brand founded in 2020 by Marina del Rey resident Sammy Davidoff and her sister, Maddy, recently expanded its offering to include delicious infused brownie and blondie mixes. to CBD.

“We were looking for an opportunity to evolve beyond cookies, and being dessert lovers, brownies and blondies were the perfect products to add to our CB Dough lineup,” Sammy said. “Plus, we were excited to offer products that didn’t require refrigeration, like our cookie dough. It was also important for us to maintain the practicality of our cookies and to innovate to create products that you could cook at home. The Brownie and the Blondie do the trick. Eventually we decided to launch The Brownie and the Blondie both because they are similar, but also different, just like Maddy and me. Plus, some people are more brownies and some people like blondies, so now there’s something for everyone.”

The Brownie Mix is ​​made with sorghum and tapioca starch and creates a deliciously fudgy and decadent brownie. The Blondie Mix is ​​a cross between the brand’s fan-favorite OG cookie and a brownie, offering the warm flavors of vanilla and melty chocolate chips. Each 12oz mix contains 180mg of CBD and yields 30mg of CBD per brownie or blondie. Vegan options are also available.

“People will love that it’s artisan and treats you can cook in the comfort of your own home,” Sammy said. “These CBD-infused baking mixes are something that hasn’t been done well in the past. So we set out to create a modern, elevated “Betty Crocker” blend with everything a millennial would want, like CBD, organic and natural ingredients, the ability to make them vegan, and the ease of getting them delivered right. . at your doorstep.

The brand first became known for its CBD-infused cookie dough that combines culinary-inspired artisan baked goods with the calming effects of CBD. Their fully prepared Brownie and Blondie mixes are easy to make and only require butter, eggs and water.

“One bite is all you need to fall in love with The Brownie and the Blondie,” Sammy said.

Blondie and Brownie mixes are $19.98 for a set of two and are available for purchase on the CB Dough website.

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