The easy way to ensure your Sunny Eggs cook evenly every time.

Those of us who prefer sunny eggs know that a perfect specimen boasts firm whites and a still runny yolk (via Jamie Oliver) — a harder feat to pull off than you might think. Too often, as America’s Test Kitchen notes, a still runny yolk means dealing with undercooked, gooey whites, while fully cooked whites mean an overly hard yolk reminiscent of a hard-boiled egg. This is because even though the egg whites are fully cooked at 180 degrees F, the egg yolks will already be set by the time they reach 158 degrees F.

In order to work around this discrepancy between cooking times for whites and yolks, the outlet recommends always using a lid when cooking eggs. This traps steam in the pan, heating the eggs from both bottoms and above, allowing the whites and yolks to finish cooking at the same time. The only trick is to cook the egg until almost done, then turn off the heat and let the carryover cook the eggs the rest of the way (while keeping the lid on) to prevent the whites or yolks from overcooking (via Simply Recipes). So the next time you’re frying eggs for breakfast, be sure to grab a lid for delicious, evenly cooked sunglasses.