The Real Reason You Should Cook Fish Over Citrus

Real Simple recommends using the power of citrus fruits to help your fish cook more easily on the grill. Cook your fish on a layer of thinly sliced ​​citrus fruits to save yourself some hassle, and season your food at the same time. Cooking fish on a grill is a time-tested method, but it also comes with its own set of problems.

There are a number of tips to prevent your fish from sticking, falling apart, or coming out overcooked. Even the firmest fish can struggle when cooked under poor conditions. They have shorter muscle fibers and less connective tissue than other meats, which makes them susceptible to breakage. There are many solutions. Celebrity chef Eric Ripert recommends using a slate cooking surface, while Fine Cooking recommends cooking your fish on the edges of the heat source.

But we are big fans of this solution offered by Real Simple. They say grilling fish on a bed of thinly sliced ​​citrus fruits, like lemons or oranges, eliminates the need for special equipment or methodology. It will also help season your food as it cooks. The fire will help release some of those citric acids for cooking your fish, and the grilled fruit can be added as a nice garnish when serving.