Tips for reducing cooking time during confinement

Cooking in the event of a pandemic: tips for reducing cooking time during containment

May 30, 2021: Cooking in the event of a pandemic: Tips for reducing cooking time during containment

Balancing work from home while managing household chores is an art in itself. While cleaning can be postponed, cooking must be done on time, i.e. too regularly. And that is especially becoming a challenge now, given that there are restrictions on restaurants and take out. However, a few tips will ease the tension and help you become more efficient in the kitchen.

Menu: set the menu of the week according to the available ingredients

A simple way to cook without the hassle is to keep a food calendar for the whole week. By doing this, it is easier to plan ahead for your grocery and vegetable purchases and also to use up all the food you have stored. Maintaining a food schedule also motivates you to track your food intake and encourages healthy food planning.

Chop: chop the ingredients the day before to make the mornings easier

Once the menu is prepared, use it to prepare the ingredients in advance. Chores like cleaning and chopping vegetables usually take up most of our cooking time and are best done the night before and kept in the fridge for the next day. You can make this activity a fun activity by involving your family and children.

Food base: Prepare the food base in large quantities and refrigerate it

Curries are an integral part of Indian dishes and almost all other curries use the same sauce base while modifying the main ingredient. A smart way to cut down on cooking time is to prepare the sauce base in large quantities and save them for future use. Adding more cooking oil is a simple trick to improving the shelf life of the base.

Snacks: Choose filling options to reduce snack cravings

Given the heat, confinement, and the work-from-home scenario, very few of us have the time (and patience) to whip up elaborate snacks, but that doesn’t stop our cravings. Snacking on dried fruit helps keep hunger pangs at bay. You can also stock up on protein bars during grocery trips, as they are not only filling, but very tasty as well.

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