Valheim’s best food recipes that could be good in real life

Despite ValheimIn the game’s dark, mythical world, there are a handful of in-game cooking recipes that just might translate to real-life cooking. These virtual recipes play an important role in the game mechanics, restoring the health and stamina of the player’s Viking character. Having a good dose of both is a wise decision for everything Valheim player, as there is a significant amount of difficult enemies to face often.

While some of the meals available can be gross to watch, there are a few that can easily be brought to real life. Although these may not be the best meals of Valheim to increase statsthey look the most appetizing or are made from solid ingredients.


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Although bread is one of the simplest foods in the game, there is beauty in that simplicity. Created from bread dough that has been cooked in Valheimstone oven, Bread is a powerful meal for players looking to build stamina. Bread increases health by only 23 points, but stamina by 70 points. Bread is a staple food that occupies an important place in the diet of many cultures, and Valheim asks for an approximation of the ingredients that would actually create the meal in real life: 10 barley flour to make 2 bread doughs.

Fish wraps

Another meal that calls for realistic ingredients is Fish Wraps. Made by combining two cooked fish and four barley flours, Fish Wraps have the look of a traditional wrap lightly grilled and filled with greens and fish. Fish wraps Valheim increase a player’s health bar by 70 and stamina by 23. Making this recipe in real life should require more ingredients, but to match the look of this pixelated creation lettuce is all that must be included. In both cases, peach is required for those looking to make this recipe from Valheim.

Smoked salmon meat pie

One of the most traditional meals of Valheim, Lox Meat Pie looks like something players could make at home. This pie takes on an intense list of ingredients, requiring four barley flours, two blackberries, and two lox meats to craft. Once these ingredients are combined in a level 4 cauldron in Valheim, players must cook it in a stone oven. Although these ingredients include things that don’t exist in real life, meat pies are a common food using ground beef, pork, potatoes, chopped onion and herbs instead. blackberries.

Deer meat cooked

Although not one of more complex meals in Valheim, cooked deer meat is one of the finest “cooked” meats in the game. Designed to look like a rack of ribs, players simply kill a deer and place its meat on a grilling station. cooking over a fire. The resulting creation doesn’t have too much health (35 points) or stamina (12 points), but it does have the advantage of looking quite appetizing to the player’s Viking. The actual variant doesn’t need to change much, as venison can be purchased legally and cooked at home.

eye cry

For dessert, players can consider the recently added EyeScream as an appetizing option. Although the ingredients aren’t exactly the most appetizing (three eyes Greydwarf and a Freeze Gland), the resulting creation looks like little more than popping ice cream. Substituting these ingredients for food coloring and soft vanilla ice cream would make for a stylish dessert.

Valheim is available now for PC and will be released in early 2023 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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