What to cook this weekend

Hello. Is there a more reliable cooking ingredient than the egg? I like mine cracked in a bowl of ramen, or fried to top a slice of pizza, or whipped for an omelette. A plate of roasted asparagus with a poached egg to dress the greens? It’s a nice dinner with a slice of toast. Just like a chilli frittata (above).

This week at The New York Times Cooking, we’re celebrating eggs in all their glory with a special package that features two dozen of our best egg recipes. You’ll find it in print this weekend – Saturday for those who are subscribers and Sunday if you’re a newsstand shopper. It’s nice.

As Eric Kim writes in a charming introduction, “A magician in the kitchen, the egg can transform the leanest meals into extravagant feasts, or serve as a midnight snack, quick breakfast and weekday night wonder It can work across cultures, cuisines and dishes, providing the garnish for one of life’s best salad sandwiches, the splendor of a hearty curry or shakshuka, and a airy structure to sweet creations such as flan, sponge cake and pavlova.

Discover all the recipes here.

The egg may come first, but don’t overlook our second winner. I like a miso-roasted chicken thigh platter on Saturday nights, and the Vesuvio chicken always. Chicken piccata might be good if you’re craving that caper zing. Or maybe try Ali Slagle’s new recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken Fillets? It’s a children’s classic turned into something a little more grown-up and juicy.

Going a whole different direction, you could grab a piece of stale bread and the veggies from the bottom of your crisper drawer to make Kay Chun’s new spring-cleaning ribollita recipe a real soup of distinction.

Might be a good night for tofu makhani. The same goes for the lemony white beans with anchovies and parmesan. Me, though? I’m definitely making eggs: Ian Fisher’s iconic spaghetti carbonara for the weekend win.

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Now, this has nothing to do with huevos rotos or smoked red devil eggs, but Dan Kois, Parul Sehgal and Jason Zinoman have come together for a labor of love: “The Martin Chronicles,” a podcast all about discussion of Martin Amis’ novels, one book at a time. First, “The Rachel Papers”, her debut. To agree!

For his latest “Close Read,” Jason Farago dives into a 1635 still life by Dutch painter Willem Claesz Heda, and the results are stunning. You will learn so much!

They play some pretty awful people, but it’s great fun watching Claire Foy and Paul Bettany chew up the scenery in “A Very British Scandal” on Amazon Prime.

Finally, Black Star is back after 24 years with a new album, “No Fear of Time”, and a single, “OG” Listen to this while you break eggs. I will be back on Sunday.